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  • 1919: BUSINESS: ADVERTINSING: Lorillard unsuccessfully targets women with its

Helmar and Murad brands. (RK)

  • 1920: CONSUMPTION: US has a per capita smoking rate of 477 cigarettes (The Tax Burden

on Tobacco, Historical Compilation Volume 35, 2000)

  • 1920: CONSUMPTION: Per capita cigarette consumption: 419/year. Per capita cigar

consumption: 80/year. (International Smoking Statistics)

  • 1920: ATC's Richmond Research Laboratory conducts a "continuing study of the components

of tobacco and tobacco smoke."

  • 1920-06-11: Republican party leaders, meeting in the "smoke-filled room" (Suite 408-10 of

Chicago's Blackstone Hotel) engineered the presidential nomination of Warren G. Harding.

  • 1920-10: OPINION: "" in Atlantic Monthly says, "scientific truth" has found "that the claims

of those who inveigh aginst tobacco are wholy without foundation has been proved time and again by famous chemists, physicians, toxicologists, physiologists, and experts of every nation and clime." (RK)

  • 1920-06: The phrase "smoke-filled room" --meaning politiking and deal-making hidden from

public view-- is engendered, after senators and others in Suite 404 in the Chicago's Blackstone Hotel decide that Warren G. Harding should be the Republican nominee for president.

  • 1921: BUSINESS: RJR spends $8 million in advertising, mostly on Camel; inaugurates the

"I'd Walk a Mile for a Camel" slogan. (RK)

  • 1921: BUSINESS: KOREA: Korea Tobacco and Ginseng (KTG)'s monopoly is expanded to

include tobacco.

  • 1921-04-11: TAXES: State tobacco taxation begins. Iowa is the first state to add its own

cigarette tax (2 cents a pack) onto the federal excise levy (6 cents).(RK)

  • 1922: REGULATION: 15 states have banned the sale, manufacture, possession, advertising

and/or use of cigarettes.

  • 1922: BUSINESS: RJR takes Industry leadership. from American for first time.(RK)

  • 1922: BUSINESS: Manufactured cigarettes surpass plug in poundage of tobacco consumed to

become US's highest grossing tobacco product. (RK)

  • 1922: PEOPLE: Lucy Payne Gaston runs for President of the U.S. against "cigarette face"

Warren G. Harding, whom she asks to quit smoking. Within two years they both will be dead, he of a stroke mid-term, she of throat cancer. (There is no record of her ever having smoked.)

  • 1923: BUSINESS: MARKET SHARE: Camel has 45% of the US market.

  • 1923: NEW JERSEY: A Secaucus teacher's attempt to get her job back after being fired for

cigarette smoking reaches the state Supreme Court, but fails

  • 1923: LITERATURE: "Confessions of Zeno" by Italo Svevo

  • 1923: MARKET SHARE: Camel has over 40% of the US market.

  • 1924: Lucy Payne Gaston dies of throat cancer.

  • 1924: CONSUMPTION: 73 billion cigarettes sold in US

  • 1924: Reader's Digest publishes "Does Tobacco Injure the Human Body," the beginning of a

RD campaign to make people think before starting to smoke.

  • 1924: BUSINESS: Philip Morris introduces Marlboro, a women's cigarette that is "Mild as


  • 1924: BUSINESS: Durham, NC: James B. Duke creates Duke University.Duke gives an

endowment to Trinity College. Under provisions of the fund, Trinity becomes Duke University

  • 1925: James Buchanan Duke dies.

  • 1925: HEALTH: Lung cancer death rate is 1.7 per 100,000 (US Census Bureau)(RK).

  • 1925: BUSINESS: Philip Morris' Marlboro, "Mild as May," targets "decent, respectable"

women. "Has smoking any more to do with a woman's morals than has the color of her hair?" A 1927 ad reads, "Women quickly develop discerning taste. That is why Marlboros now ride in so many limousines, attend so many bridge parties, and repose in so many handbags."


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