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publishes its first advertisement for cigarettes (Chesterfield), a practice that continued for 20 years. (ASG)

  • 1933: ADVERTISING: Chesterfield begins running ads in the New York State Journal of

Medicine, with claims like, "Just as pure as the water you drink . . . and practically untouched by human hands."

  • 1933-04-17: ADVERTISING: Bellboy JOHNNY ROVENTINI first goes on the air on the

Ferde Grofe Show, his distinctive voice making the famous, "Call for Philip Morris." After being discovered by ad exec Milton Biow, he soon became the world's first living trademark. Against the background music of the "On the Trail Movement'' from Grof's Grand Canyon Suite, Johnny Roventini yelled it out, in perfect B-flat pitch, to match the music. [Here's the Johnny Roventini Fan Page]

  • 1934: LEGISLATION: GARRISON ACT is passed outlawing marijuana and other drugs;

tobacco is not considered.

  • 1934: ELEANOR ROOSEVELT is called the "first lady to smoke in public." (ASG)

  • 1934: BUSINESS: An A&P ad lists cigarette prices for Lucky Strikes, Chesterfields, Old

Golds and Camels: two packs for 25 cents / a carton of ten for $1.20.

  • 1934: ADVERTISING: RJR: Camel: "Smoke as many as you want. They never get on your


  • 1935: ADVERTISING: Lorillard: "Ask your dentist why Old Golds are better for the teeth."

  • 1935-09: MEDIA: FORTUNE magazine reports on "Alcohol and Tobacco" (two of its chief

advertisers), concluding (page 98), "the sum total of our knowledge of the 'evil' of smoking does not add up to much more than a zero."

  • 1936: American Journal of Obstetrics and Bynecology publishes an article raising concerns

about the effect of smoking on unborn children

  • 1936: GERMANY: Fritz Lickint first uses the term "Passivrauchen" (passive smoking) in

Tabakgenuss und Gesunheit.

  • 1936: BUSINESS: B&W introduces Viceroy, the first serious brand to feature a filter of

cellulose acetate. (RK)

  • 1936: BUSINESS Viceroy t intorduces a cellulose filter that it claimed removed half the

particles in smoke.

  • 1936: BUSINESS: RJR discontinues RED KAMEL brand

  • 1936: BUSINESS: Otway Hebron Chalkley becomes president of Philip Morris.

  • 1936: BUSINESS: FRANCE: Gauloises' cigarettes are rejuvenated. The brand's famous logo,

a winged helmet, is redesigned by Jacno.

  • 1936: ADVERTISING: Lucky Strike launches "Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet" ad


  • 1936: GERMANY: German cigarette manufacturer CIGARETTEN BILDENDIENST offers

coupons in cigarette packs which are redeemable for a coffee-table book on Hitler. More coupons bought "home album" pictures suitable for pasting into designated spots. Goebbels oversaw production of the book. (Fahs, Cigarette Confidential)

  • 1937: Federal Government establishes the National Cancer Institute at Bethesda, MD (RK)

  • 1937: BUSINESS: 'Printers Ink' reports that R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., and Ligett & Myers

Tobacco Co. each spent at least two million dollars on advertising in the first half of 1937. (LB)

  • 1937: BUSINESS: By the end of the year, Camels are outselling Luckies and Chesterfield by

about 40%. (RK)

  • 1938: LEGISLATION: Federal FOOD, DRUG AND COSMETICS ACT supercedes 1906

Act. Definition of a "drug" includes "articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or other animals" and "articles (other than food) intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals"

  • 1938: LEGISLATION: AGRICULTURAL ADJUSTMENT ACT is passed again, this time

authorizing marketing quotas. The Tobacco Price Support Program: Tobacco not purchased by


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