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The Sixties By now, the distribution of free cigarettes at annual medical and public health meetings has stopped.


(FHSA) of 1960 Authorized FDA to regulate substances that are hazardous (either toxic, corrosive, irritant, strong sensitizers, flammable, or pressure-generating). Such substances may cause substantial personal injury or illness during or as a result of customary use.

  • 1960: BUSINESS: Pall Mall becomes the nation's top-selling brand. It's reign runs from 1960

to 1966.

  • 1960-01: LEGISLATION: FTC tells cigarette manufacturers to stop "tar derby" advertising

and cease referring to improved health effects of filters. (Bates # 03553092)

  • 1960-04-04: LITIGATION: Pritchard v. Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company begins. When it

was time to deliberate, Federal Judge John L. Miller tells the jury, "The court is of the opinion that no substantial evidence has been offered to support a verdict against the defendant on any theory of negligence, and that fair-minded men could not differ as to the conclusions of fact to be drawn from the evidence... The jury is directed to find a verdict in favor of the defendant Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company, and against the plaintiff, Otto E. Pritchard." The case was sent back to Miller on appeal. The jury found on November 9, 1962 that the smoking of Chesterfields was the cause of or one of the causes of cancer in Pritchard's right lung, but denied damages to Pritchard on the assumption of risk theory.

  • 1960: Bernays Repents. ASH praises Bernays for his efforts to inform the public about the

dangers of smoking. Bernays writes, "had I known in 1928 what I know today I would have refused [George Washington] Hill's offer."

  • 1960:08:02: LITIGATION: Green v. American Tobacco Co. Decision. Lawyer/Doctor Larry

Hastings is first to win a liability suit against tobacco for causing death. Miami Federal District Judge Emett Choate asked the jury to consider (1) Was cancer primary in the lung? (2) Did this cause his death? (3) Did the smoking of Lucky Strikes cause his cancer death? In all three instances, the 12-man jury voted "yes." The fourth interrogatory asked, "Did the cigarette company have knowledge of the harmfulness?" The jury said, "no." Therefore, no money was awarded. In retrial, judge tells jury to side with defendant if the product did not endanger an important number of smokers. Jury does.

  • 1960-10: LITIGATION: Tobacco wins Lartigue v. L&M/RJR.

  • 1961: HISTORY: The Tobacco Institute stages a celebration of the 350th anniversary of

America's first tobacco crop. The festival features Pocahontas and a cigar-smoking John Rolfe.

  • 1961-06-01: POLITICS: The presidents of the American Cancer Society, the American Heart

Association, the National Tuberculosis Association, and the American Public Health Association submit a joint letter to President Kennedy, pointing out the increasing evidence of the health hazards of smoking and urging the President to establish a commission. The result will be the landmark 1964 SG report.

  • 1961: BUSINESS: Philip Morris Overseas Division is renamed Philip Morris International.

  • 1961: CANADA: SPORTS: Imperial Tobacco sponsors the Players 200, the first international

motorsport race in Canada. It is won by Stirling Moss.

  • 1962: US imposes economic embargo on Cuba.

  • 1962-03-07: UK: First Report of the British Royal College of Physicians of London: Smoking

and Health,.

  • 1962: STATISTICS: Per-capita consumption of cigarettes stands at 12 per day among adult



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