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  • 1963: LEGISLATION: Philip Morris hires Abe Fortas, Lyndon Johnson's personal attorney

and powerful lobbyist. Fortas was the senior partner of law firm Arnold, Fortas and Porter. According to "A Smoking Gun," the law firm was

chosen by the six major tobacco companies (R.J. Reynolds, American Tobacco, Brown and Williamson, Liggett and Myers, P. Lorillard and Philip Morris) to form a committee of lawyers to solidify industry togetherness. The committee met almost daily, planning for every possible contingency, and carefully forming the industry argument for the FTC hearings. When the issue of labeling came before Congress, it was this group who wrote the testimony, conducted the search for friendly witnesses, and even supplied questions that its Congressional allies could ask opposing witnesses. The effort, aided by the lobbying of ex-Senator Earle C. Clements led to the preemption of the FTC by Congress. The Cigarette Labeling act not only gave the industry weak, generalized labels, but preempted litigation by letting the industry argue that the labels had given smokers sufficient warning, and that they undertook smoking at their own knowledgeable risk. As Fortas said at a DOJ meeting in June, 1964, "The companies want legislation. . . . . A requirement that packages be labeled would be helpful in civil litigation." Fortas may also have played a large role in keeping then-President Johnson out of the fray. Fortas later became Johnson's choice for the Supreme Court (1965-1969).

  • 1963-08: LITIGATION: Zagurski v. American Tobacco filed in Federal District Court,

Connecticut Lung cancer

  • 1963: LITIGATION: KC, MO. Local, 20-lawyer firm, Shook Hardy Bacon, wins John Ross

case (filed in 1954) for Philip Morris. SHB goes on to become virtually synonymous with tobacco litigation.

  • 1963: BUSINESS: Philip Morris dispenses with tattooed sailors, et. al., and settles on the

cowboy as the sole avatar of the Marlboro Man, featuring him exclusively in scenes of the American West. From: Marlboro Man at 50 -- Icon or illusion?" by Jim Courier, San Francisco Chronicle, January 7, 2005: The "real" West was discovered by Neil McBain, a Burnett art director scouting rustic settings for a Camay soap ad in 1963. At the 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas, McBain swooned at the sight of Carl "Bigun" Bradley, a foreman who smoked Kools, and hired him on the spot. As the first cowboy Marlboro Man, Bradley earned less than $10,000 a year, never gave up cowboying and later drowned in a stock pond while breaking a horse. His Kools were found dry on the bank.

  • 1963: BUSINESS: Philip Morris buys the Odells' Burma-Vita (Burma Shave) and absorbs it

into its American Safety Razor division. PM discontinues the roadside signage in favor of NFL football TV ads. By 1966, virtually all 7,000 sets of signs had disappeared; many lamented the loss of this unique Americana.Philip Morris sells the division to an investor group in 1977.

  • 1963-07-17: LITIGATION: B&W's General Counsel ADDISON YEAMAN writes in a

memo, "Moreover, nicotine is addictive. We are, then, in the business of selling nicotine, an addictive drug effective in the release of stress mechanisms." Yeaman was concerned about the upcoming Surgeon General's report, and was writing of "the so-called 'beneficial effects of nicotine': 1) enhancing effect on the pituitary-adrenal response to stress; 2) regulation of body weight."

  • 1963: INDONESIA: PT Hanjaya Mandala (HM) Sampoerna is established

  • 1963: Consumers Union's "Report on Smoking and the Public Interest"

  • 1964: STATISTICS: There are 70 million smokers in the US, and tobacco is an $8

Billion/year industry. (Joseph Ben-David, Reporter on Smoking and Health, April-May, 1963)

  • 1964: BUSINESS: MARKET SHAREE: Pall Mall, the nation's top-selling brand, captures

nearly 15 percent of the market.

  • 1964: Tobacco industry adopts voluntary advertising guidelines.

  • 1964: LITIGATION: 17 tobacco liability suits are filed


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