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  • 1964: Tobacco industry writer suggests tobacco control advocates have psychiatric

certification that they are not sufering from pyrophobia and suppressed fear of the 'big fire' or atom bomb


  • 1964: BUSINESS: TIRC changes its name to the Council for Tobacco Research-USA, Inc.


  • 1964: BUSINESS: MARLBORO Country ad campaignbegins featuring the slogan, "Come to

where the flavor is. Come to Marlboro Country." Marlboro sales begin growing at 10% a year.

  • 1964: JAPAN: Emperor Hirohito begins the tradition of giving out cigarettes to his staff on

his birthday.

  • 1964: National Interagency Council on Smoking and Health, the first national antismoking

coalition, is formed.

  • 1964-01-11: 1st Surgeon General's Report linking smoking and lung cancer: Smoking and

Health: Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service See the CDC's History of the 1964 Surgeon General's ReportSee the full list of SG reports here

  • 1964-01: REGULATION: Sen. Maurine Neuberger (D-OR) introduces bill giving FTC

authority to regulate cigarette advertising and labeling. Also, the FTC begins rule-making to require health warrning on cigarette packs and in advertising. (Bates # 03553093)

  • 1964-02-07: The AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSN accepts a $10 million grant for tobacco

research from six cigarette companies. The AMA shelves its previous plans to issue a report on smoking's relationship to cancer; the official AMA word on smoking and health won't be issued for another 10 years.

  • 1964-02-09: Beatles debut on "Ed Sullivan," along with a Kent Micronite Filter ad. The ad

starring Paul Dooley is removed from the 2004 DVD of the show. A Pillsbury ad is substituted.

  • 1964-02-28: The AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSN supports the tobacco industry's objection to

labeling cigarets as a health hazard, writes in a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, "More than 90 million persons in the United States use tobacco in some form, and, of these 72 million use cigarets... the economic lives of tobacco growers, processors, and merchants are entwined in the industry; and local, state, and the federal governments are recipients of and dependent upon many millions of dollars of tax revenue."

  • 1964-03-19: Rep. FRANK THOMPSON Jr. (D-NJ) charges that the AMERICAN MEDICAL

ASSN has entered into a deal with tobacco-state congressmen to gain their votes against Medicare.

  • 1964-04: BUSINESS: The tobacco industry announces its Cigarette Advertising Code.

  • 1964-06-23: Rep. Orem Harris, chairman of the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce

Committee, begins hearings on warning labels.

  • 1964-09-10 to 10-15: BUSINESS: Sir PHILIP ROGERS and GEOFFREY TODD, senior

officials of the BRITISH RESEARCH COUNCIL arrive in US on month-long fact-finding tour. Their reports will not be seen by the public until 10/2/96.

  • 1965: CONSUMPTION: Smokers: 42.4% overall; Males: 51.9%; Females: 33.9%; Whites:

    • 42.1

      %; Blacks: 45.8% (CDC) 29.6 percent of people who had ever smoked had quit as of 1965.

      • 1965: TOBACCO CONTROL: Public Health Services (PHS) establishes the National

Clearinghouse for Smoking and Health.

  • 1965: TOBACCO CONTROL: UK: Parliament bans cigarette advertising on TV.

  • 1965: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: TIRC sets up secretive, lawyer-directed SPECIAL

PROJECTS division.

  • 1965: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: PREGNANCY: A study by the TIRC finds that pregnant

women who smoke have smaller babies and are more likely to give birth prematurely.

  • 1965: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: B&W's "PROJECT JANUS" begins issuing scientific

reports on the health effects of smoking, about 30 substantial reports by 1978. 56

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