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  • 1968. TOBACCO CONTROL: Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) is formed to serve as a

legal action arm for the smoking prevention community. (CDC)

  • 1968. BUSINESS: Philip Morris introduces Virginia Slims brand, aimed at women

  • 1968. LITIGATION: Rose Cipollone, now 43, switches from L&M to Virginia Slims and


  • 1968: BUSINESS: Philip Morris Domestic changes its name to Philip Morris U.S.A.

  • 1968: BUSINESS: Philip Morris Inc. operating revenues top $1 billion.

  • 1968. BUSINESS: American Tobacco begins buying into Britain's Gallaher's

  • 1968. MOTOR SPORTS: Colin Chapman's Team Lotus becomes the first Formula One team

to accept tobacco sponsorship. The Lotus 49 cars are painted in the colors of the "Gold Leaf" cigarette brand.

  • 1968-02: PAKISTAN: Pakistan Tobacco Board is established through an ordinance (Pakistan

Tobacco Board Ordinance No: 1 of 1968), to promote the cultivation of tobacco, manufacture and export of tobacco and tobacco products .

  • 1968-01: PROPAGANDA: "To Smoke or Not to Smoke--That Is Still the Question," by

Stanley Frank, a widely read sports writer, appears in True Magazine. To call the public's attention to the article, the Industry ran a contemporaneous ad in 72 markets, announcing the article's publication. On March 3,, a similar but shorter article appeared in the National Enquirer entitled "Cigarette Cancer Link is Bunk / 70,000,000 Smokers Falsely Alarmed." written by "Charles Golden" (a fictitious name commonly used by the Enquirer.) The real author was Stanley Frank. Two million reprints of the True Magazine article were distributed to physicians, scientists, journalists, government officials, and other opinion leaders with a small card which stated, "As a leader in your profession and community, you will be interested in reading this story from the January issue of True Magazine about one of today's controversial issues. -- THE EDITORS" The actual sender was the TI, through Tiderock.. It was subsequently disclosed through investigations by Wall St. Journal reporter Ronald Kessler and the FTC that author Frank had been paid $500 to write the article, by Joseph Field, a public relations professional working for Brown and Williamson. [Frank also received $2,000 for the article from True.] Brown and Williamson reimbursed Field for that amount. By the time the True article was published, Frank was an employee of Hill and Knowlton.

  • 1968-03-03: PROPAGANDA: National Enquirer publishes "Cigarette Cancer Link is Bunk".

  • 1968-10: LITIGATION: Tobacco wins Pritchard v. L&M

  • 1969: 4th Surgeon General's Report: The Health Consequences of Smoking: 1969 Supplement

to the 1967 Public Health Service Review Confirms link between maternal smoking and low birth weight

  • 1969: Congress enacts the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act of 1969, which amends the

1965 Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act to require the following warning: "The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health." The 1969 act also includes the phrase: "(b) No requirement or prohibition based on smoking and health shall be imposed under State law with respect to the advertising or promotion of any cigarettes the packages of which are labeled in conformity with the provisions of this Act." This proviso helps absolve the industry in many court cases, most recently in Pennsylvania's Carter case (1/27/03).

  • 1969: Taxes: North Carolina Gov. Bob Scott, succeeds in ramming through NC's first

cigarette tax: 2-cents-per-pack, the lowest in the nation.

  • 1969: SCOTUS: U.S. Supreme Court applies the Fairness Doctrine to cigarettes, giving

tobacco control groups "equal time" on the air to reply to tobacco commercials

  • 1969: National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) endorses phasing out of cigarette ads on

television and radio.

  • 1969: SMOKEFREE: Ralph Nader asks the FAA to ban smoking on airlines as annoying and

unhealthy for nonsmokers, and as a fire danger; John Banzhaf III, founder of Action on Smoking 59

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