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  • 1580: CUBA: European cultivation of tobacco begins

  • 1580: TURKEY: Tobacco arrives (AHS)

  • 1580: POLAND: Tobacco arrives (AHS)

  • 1584-03: ENGLAND: Queen Elizabeth grants Mr. Walter Raleigh a charter for establishing a

settlement in America.

  • 1585: ENGLAND: Sir Francis Drake introduces smoking to Sir Walter Raleigh (BD)

  • 1586: Ralph Lane, first governor of Virginia, teaches Sir Walter Raleigh to smoke the long-

stemmed clay pipe Lane is credited with inventing (BD).(TSW)

  • 1586: GERMANY: 'De plantis epitome utilissima' offers one of first cautions to use of

tobacco, calling it a "violent herb". (LB)

  • 1586: ENGLAND: Tobacco Arrives in English Society. In July 1586, some of the Virginia

colonists returned to England and disembarked at Plymouth smoking tobacco from pipes, which caused a sensation. William Camden (1551-1623) a contemporary witness, reports that "These men who were thus brought back were the first that I know of that brought into England that Indian plant which they call Tabacca and Nicotia, or Tobacco" Tobacco in the Elizabethan age was known as "sotweed." (BD)

  • 1587: ANTWERP: First published work totally on tobacco, 'De herbe panacea', with

numerous recipies and claims of cures. (LB)

  • 1588: Hariot writes about tobacco in Virginia in A Brief and True Report of the New Found

Land of Virginia

  • 1590: BOOKS: Jos de Acosta 's Historia natural y moral de las Indias (Seville, 1590)

describes the native use of tobacco in detail.

  • 1590: LITERATURE: Spenser's Fairie Queen: earliest poetical allusion to tobacco in English

literature. (Book III, Canto VI, 32).

  • 1590: BOOKS: Richard Hakluyt, who accompanied Sir Walter Raleigh on his Roanoke

expedition, publishes his comprehensive anthology: The Principall Navigations. Voiages and Discoveries of the English Nation, Made by Sea or Overland to the Most Remote and Farthest Distant Quarters of the Earth at Any Time within the Compasse of these 1500 Years.

  • 1592-98: KOREA: Hideyoshi Invasion from Japan. Japan, which has maintained contact with

Portuguese merchants, introduce the practice of smoking to Korea.

  • 1595: ENGLAND: BOOKS: Tabacco, the first book in the English language devoted to the

subject of tobacco, is published

  • 1595 (approx.): Matoaka is born to Chief Powhatan. She is given the nickname Pocahontas--

"Frisky," "Playful One" or "Mischief"

  • 1596: LITERATURE: Ben Jonson's Every Man in His Humor is acted on the 25th of

November, 1596, and printed in 1601. In Act III, Scene 2, Bobadilla (pro) and Cob (con) argue about tobacco. (BD)

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