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  • 1971: 5TH Surgeon General's Report: The Health Consequences of Smoking: A Report of the

Surgeon General

  • 1971: Surgeon General proposes a government ban on smoking in public places.

  • 1971: Helen Story founds the second GASP group in Berkeley due to problems with smoking

in classrooms.

  • 1971: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: Philip Morris purchases the Institut fur Industrielle und

Biologische Forschung GmbH, or INBIFO, a biological research facility in Cologne, Germany.

  • 1971: BUSINESS: R.J. Reynolds Tobacco becomes R.J. Reynolds Industries

  • 1971: SMOKEFREE: UNITED AIRLINES is the first major carrier to establish seperate

sections for smokers and nonsmokers (ASH: http://www.ash.org/victories.html ANR: http://no- smoke.org/document.php?id=334 (Note discrepancy with "Lost Empire" data that Pan Am was the first, in 1969.)

  • 1971: UK: Second British Royal College of Physicians of London Report: Smoking and

Health Now Refers to cigarette death toll as "this present holocaust."

  • 1971: UK: Cigarette Smoking and Health--Report by an Interdepartmental Group of Officials

finds that, all things considered, tobacco use brings in more money than it costs in health and disability. Report is unknown to the public until the Guardian publishes an account on May 6, 1980.

  • 1971: SPORTS: RJR sponsorship of NASCAR's NASCAR Grand National Division begins.

  • 1971: SPORTS: Virginia Slims Tennis begins, with Billie Jean King a prime promoter. Philip

Morris' Women's Tennis Assn. tour will continue until 1994.

  • 1971-01-02: REGULATION: TV: Cigarette ads are taken off TV and radio as Cigarette

Smoking Act of 1969 takes effect. Broadcast industry loses c. $220 Million in ads (Ad Age, "History of TV Advertising"). The last commercial on US TV is a Virginia Slims ad, aired at 11:59 PM on the Johnny Carson Tonight show, Jan. 1, 1971. The ad featured Veronica Hamel, later seen on "Hill St. Blues." See stills at: h t t p : / / w w w . b a t n e t . c o m / g h o s t s h i p / V S / V S _ T V _ a d / c o m e r c i a l . h t m l

  • 1971-01-02: TOBACCO CONTROL: With the end of tobacco ads on TV, so too end the anti-

tobacco ads demanded by the Fairness Doctrine.

  • 1971-01-03: Joseph Cullman, then Chairman of the Board of Philip Morris, Inc., is

interviewed on CBS' Face the Nation. The interviewers asked Cullman if he was aware of a massive study [which] showed that babies of smoking mothers were had a greater incidence of low birth weight than non-smoking mothers, that smoking mothers had an increased risk of stillbirth and infant death within 28 days of birth. Cullman said he was aware of the study and its results. He said, "Some women would prefer having smaller babies." Another exchange:, "Well, I think, Mr. Ubell, in this case your premise is wrong. I merely have to refer to the Surgeon General's Advisory Committee report; that report stated categorically that cigarettes are not addictive. UBELL: I didn't say that they were addictive. I said that nicotine is a drug, within the meaning of a term of drug, meaning a chemical -- MR. CULLMAN: It's more important for the industry to take the word of the Surgeon General's committee; they said that cigarettes are not addictive. . . the Surgeon General's committee largely exonerated nicotine as a health hazard of any consequence to the public. I have to lean on that. After all, the Surgeon General's committee met for nine months or longer, and they concluded that nicotine is not a hazard to health.>

  • 1971: UK: Tobacco manufacturers voluntarily put health warnings on cigarette packs.

  • 1971-04: Cigarette manufacturers agree to put health warnings on advertisements. This

agreement is later made into law.

  • 1971-12-23: Nixon Administration declares "War on Cancer"

  • 1972: 6TH Surgeon General's Report: The Health Consequences of Smoking: A Report of the

Surgeon General Surgeon General's Report addresses "public exposure to air pollution from 62

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