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They became a disproportionate support of magazines the moment they were banned on television, and few magazines could compete and survive without them; certainly not Ms., which lacks so many other categories. By the time statistics in the 1980s show that women's rate of lung cancer is approaching men's the necessity of taking cigarette ads has become a kind of prison."

  • 1972-09: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: Boston, MA: Gary Huber's "Tobacco and Health

Research Program, aka "The Harvard Project" begins, the result of a $2.8 million grant to Harvard, the largest ever for a University. It will run until 1980, generating 239 medical publications, including 27 books and 54 peer-reviewed scientific papers ("Civil Warriors," pp. 288-89)

  • 1973: 7TH Surgeon General's Report: The Health Consequences of Smoking 1973 Finds cigar

and pipe smokers' health risks to be less than cigarette smokers, but more than nonsmokers.

  • 1973: SECRET DOCUMENTS: A Gallup poll commissioned by Philip Morris finds only 3

percent of Americans are familiar with the Surgeon General's 1964 report on the dangers of smoking.

  • 1973: SMOKEFREE: Nixon Administration Surgeon General Dr. Jesse Steinfeld is fired after

angering tobacco executives by urging restrictions on secondhand smoke.

  • 1973: SMOKEFREE: Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) requires all airlines to create

nonsmoking sections, and bans smoking in aircraft lavatories, as a result of a tragic fire in an airliner bathroom waste bin that caused a crash killing 124 people. http://tc.bmjjournals.com/cgi/content/full/13/suppl_1/i30 This is the first federal restriction on smoking in public places.

  • 1973: SMOKEFREE: Arizona becomes the first state (in modern times) to pass a

comprehensive law restricting smoking in public places. The law forbids smoking in public places like elevators, libraries, indoor theaters and concert halls, and buses.

  • 1973: SMOKEFREE: Federal Government mandates that smoking in bed be forbidden in


  • 1973: REGULATION: Congress enacts the Little Cigar Act of 1973, amending the Public

Health Cigarette Smoking Act to ban TV and radio advertising of little cigars.

  • 1973: SPORTS: Marlboro Cup horse racing begins.

  • 1973: SPORTS: Tennis' "Battle of the Sexes." Billie Jean King, wearing Virginia Slims

colors, and Virginia Slims sequins on her chest, defeats Bobby Riggs.

  • 1973: SCIENCE: RJR report on success of PM's Marlboro and B&W's Kool brands states, "A

cigarette is a system for delivery of nicotine to the smoker in attractive, useful form. At normal smoke pH, at or below 6.0, the smoke nicotine is...slowly absorbed by the smoker. . . As the smoke pH increases above about 6.0, an increasing portion of the total smoke nicotine occurs in free form, which is rapidly absorbed by the smoker and...instantly perceived as a nicotine kick."

  • 1973: BUSINESS: Philip Morris' Tobacco Research Center in Richmond is dedicated.

  • 1973: Jesse Helms, former director of the News and Programs for the Tobacco Radio

Network, is elected to the US Senate. He will become a powerful tobacco defender in Congress.

  • 1973-02-08: Department of Health, Education and Welfare issues a charter for the Tobacco

Working Group (TWG), which makes it a formal and multidisciplinary group consisting of researchers from academia, the government, and the tobacco companies. The group had actually begun meeting informally in 1968 to discuss generally research related to smoking and health, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disease {1400.01} . The 1973 charter specifies that the purpose of the group was to "identify the criteria and prescribe methods for the development of a less hazardous cigarette, and other methods to decrease the smoking hazard" Glantz, The Cigarette Papers

  • 1973-07-12: BUSINESS: RJR director of marketing and planning R.A. Blevins Jr writes in a

memo that free nicotine, advertising expenditures and cigarette size of Winstons and Marlboros all affected market share "independently and collectively," but that "the variability due to 'free


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