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    • Hamlet cigars launches a humorous series in which life's trials are soothed by a Hamlet to the strains of Bach's "Air on a G String."

    • Surreal Benson & Hedges ads feature a sequence of unrelated objects -- a helicopter, an iguana, a sardine can and a pack of B&H cigs--travelling through the Arizona desert.

    • Gallaher's Silk Cut features a series of strikingly-photographed images of purple silk being cut in various ways.

  • 1975. REGULATION: Italy bans smoking in schools, hospitals, cinemas, theaters, museums,

libraries and public-transport waiting rooms.

  • 1975: THAILAND bans smoking on city buses.

  • 1975. BUSINESS: RJR's low tar/nicotine "NOW" cigarette released.

  • 1975. BUSINESS: American Brands assumes control of Britain's Gallaher

  • 1975: BUSINESS: PM's Marlboro overtakes Winston as the best-selling cigarette in the U.S.

  • 1975: BUSINESS: Philip Morris' net earnings top $200 million.

  • 1975-08-01: REGULATION: MINNESOTA Clean Indoor Air Act, the nation's first statewide

anti-second-hand smoke law goes into effect to protect "the public health and comfort and the environment by prohibiting smoking in public places and at public meetings, except in designated smoking areas." It is the first law to require separation of smokers' and nonsmokers.

  • 1975-08-26: REGULATION: Madison, Wisconsin passes an ordinance limiting smoking, the

first community in the nation to do so; the effort was led by Margo Redmond of GASP.

  • 1976: While campaigning for president, Jimmy Carter told a North Carolina audience he

hoped his administration would make smoking "even more safe than it is today," implying it was already pretty safe. (PROCTOR Testimony, 2004)

  • 1976: CONSUMPTION: US has its highest per capita smoking rate - 2,905 cigarettes (The

Tax Burden on Tobacco, Historical Compilation Volume 35, 2000)

  • 1976: 10TH Surgeon General's Report: The Health Consequences of Smoking: Selected

Chapters from 1971 through 1975 Reports

  • 1976: REGULATION: Federal Election Committee resolves charges that high-ranking RJR

executives were funneling illegal campaign contributions to Republican presidential candidates from 1964 through 1972. The monies were said to have been paid in the form of personal gifts as high as $10,000 each from individual corporate officials, who were repaid from an off-the- books "slush fund," drawn from RJR's overseas customers. No jail terms, no fines: Charles B. Wade, Smith and Peoples had to resign; Alex Galloway, a former chairman who was also implicated during the internal investigation, had retired in 1973. . . Lawyers threatened lawsuits if the exact details of the scandal got out.

  • 1976: MEDIA: Rupert Murdoch buys the New York Post

  • 1976: LITIGATION: Norma Broin, a 20-year-old non-smoking Mormon, gets a job as a flight

attendant for American Airlines (Broin vs. Philip Morris, et.al.)

  • 1976: SOCIETY: Formation of the Cigarette Pack Collectors Association and first of its

conventions. (LB)

  • 1976: LITIGATION: Donna Shimp sues New Jersey Bell Telephone for not protecting her

from second-hand smoke. Ruling in her favor, the judge said, "if such rules are established for machines, I see no reason why they should not be held in force for humans."

  • 1976: BUSINESS: Philip Morris exceeds $4 billion in revenues.

  • 1976: MARKET SHARE: Philip Morris' share of the U.S. cigarette market increases to

    • 25.1

      %; the international tobacco company's share increases to 5.1%.

      • 1976: UK: TV: Peter Taylor's Death in the West--The Marlboro Story made by Thames

Television is shown.

  • 1976-05-29: REGULATION: Resignations of Wade, Smith & Peoples becomes public.


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