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  • 1978: BUSINESS: Philip Morris announces plans to construct a new 26-story corporate

headquarters building in midtown Manhattan, across from Grand Central Station.

  • 1978: BUSINESS: For the 25th consecutive year Philip Morris posts record revenues ($6.6

billion) and profits ($409 million).

  • 1978: BUSINESS: Hamish Maxwell becomes CEO of Philip Morris, taking over from Joe

Cullman. Maxwell will remain CEO until 1991.

  • 1978: BUSINESS: BAT buys Appleton Papers from National Cash Register.

  • 1978: AUSTRALIA: Philip Morris, Rothmans and WD & HO Wills set up the Tobacco


  • 1978: Tobacco companies fight a CA referendum on statewide smoking restrictions with a

group called "Californians for Common Sense." Though 68% support the referendum, CCS spends $6.6 million lampooning the anti-smoking movement as a nagging Big Brother out to deny personal freedoms. The referndum fails.

  • 1978: USA: A tobacco trade journal reports that "cigarette purchases are 2.5 times as great

when an in-store display is present compared to when no advertising or display treatment is employed", and that cigarette sales drop when parents shop with their children. (Tobacco International, 22 Dec 1978, p. 33). (LB)

  • 1979: 12TH Surgeon General's Report: Smoking and Health: A Report of the Surgeon

GeneralDr Julius B. Richmond, first reviews health risks of smokeless tobacco.

  • 1979: CONSUMPTION: 37.5% of men are smokers; 29.9% of women are smokers. (SG

report "Women and Smoking," CDC, 2002)

  • 1979: State Mutual Life Assurance Company of America, Worcester MA, issues a 41 page

report titled, "Mortality differences between smokers and non smokers." The abstract reads: "Cigarette smokers are subject to a mortality risk significantly higher than that of non smokers. These differences are real; they emerge at early durations, contrary to what may earlier have been believed. They are not deferred to older ages; they are statistically significant at anyreasonable level."

  • 1979: REGULATION: Minneapolis and St. Paul become the first U.S. cities to ban the

distribution of free cigarette samples. (Dan Freeborn, MN Star-Tribune)

  • 1979: DOCUMENTS: A BAT memo said, "We also think that consideration should be given

to the hypothesis that high profits additionally associated with the tobacco industry are directly related to the fact that the customer is dependent up on the product . . . We are searching explicitly for a socially acceptable addictive product." On the other hand, the memo warned, "one must question both the ethics and practical possibilities of society/medical opinion permitting the advent of a new habituation process ... "

  • 1979: TOBACCO CONTROL: Australian activist group BUGAUP (Billboard Utilising

Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions) is formed, and begins re-facing tobacco and alcohol billboards.

  • 1979: TOBACCO CONTROL: MA: The Clean Indoor Air Educational Foundation begins. It

will later (1992) become the Tobacco Control Resource Center.

  • 1979: BUSINESS: Philip Morris Inc. revenues top $8 billion; net earnings top $500 million.

  • 1979: FIRES: A residential fire started by a cigarette kills five children and their parents in

Westwood, Massachusetts, in the congressional district of Representative Joseph Moakley. Moakley began a 20-year quest to mandate a fire-safe cigarette. He introduces legislation that would requite the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to regulate cigarettes as a fire hazard. His efforts culminate, after his death, in the federal Joseph Moakley Memorial Fire Safe Cigarette Act of 2002 (H.R. 4607).

  • 1979-01: MEDIA: Mother Jones magazine publishes "Why Dick Can't Stop Smoking."

According to MoJo in 1996, As a professional courtesy, Mother Jones gave tobacco manufacturers advance notice of the cover story so they could pull their ads from the issue. Philip Morris, Brown & Williamson, and others responded by canceling their entire 68

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