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  • 1980: 13TH Surgeon General's ReporT: The Health Consequences of Smoking for Women: A

Report of the Surgeon General

  • 1980: CONSUMPTION: Smokers: 33.2% overall; Males: 37.6%; Females: 29.3%; Whites:

    • 32.9

      %; Blacks: 36.9% (CDC)

      • 1980: LITIGATION: Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation v. Public Service

Commission of New York. US Supreme Court sets guidleines for the regulation of commercial speech:

    • 1. For an ad to be protected by the First Amendment, the advertsing must be lawful, and not misleading

    • 2. Given that, for an ad to be banned, the state's interest must be "substantial;"

    • 3. The ban must "directly advance" the state's interest; and

    • 4. The ban must be no more extensive than necessary to further the state's interest

  • 1980: BUSINESS: MARKET SHARE: American Tobacco's share of the US market has fallen

to 11%.

  • 1980: BUSINESS: Philip Morris revenues approach $10 billion.

  • 1980: Green Mountain Herbs, Inc. introduces "Affaire" brand herbal cigarettes. Imported from

England, they are a blend of eight: different herbs.

  • 1980-12: SMOKEFREE: TWA and Pan Am abandon a seating configuration in which

smokers and nonsmokers are seated across the aisle from each other; from now on, smokers will be seated in rows behind nonsmokers.

  • 1980: ENTERTAINMENT: Superman II: Lois Lane lights up. In fifty years of comic book

appearnces, Lois Lane never smoked. For a reported payment of $42,000, Philip Morris purchases 22 exposures of the Marlboro logo in the movie; Lois Lane, strong role model for teenage girls, gets a Marlboro pack on her desk and begins chain smoking Marlboro Lights. At one point in the film, a character is tossed into a van with a large Marlboro sign on its side, and in the climactic scene the superhero battles amid a maze of Marlboro billboards before zooming off in triumph, leaving in his wake a solitary taxi with a Marloro sign on top. The New York State Journal of Medicine even published an article titled "Superman and the Marlboro Woman: The Lungs of Lois Lane." Thoughout the 80s, "Superman II" is frequently re-run on TV in prime time.

  • 1980: Tobacco companies fight a 2nd CA referendum on statewide smoking restrictions; this

time the front group is called "Californians Against Regulatory Excess." As in 1978, the referendum fails.

  • 1980: SPORTS: CANADA: Imperial Tobacco, through Du Maurier, begins sponsoring men's

and women's tennis.

  • 1981: 14TH Surgeon General's Report: The Health Consequences of Smoking -- The

Changing Cigarette: A Report of the Surgeon General

  • 1981: Federal Trade Commission concludes that health warning labels have had little effect

on public knowledge and attitudes about smoking.

  • 1981: "A formalized "Blueprint for Action," drafted in 1981 by more than 200 smoking

control "experts" attending a National Conference on Smoking OR Health, is often identified as the catalyst for a dramatic change (in anti-smoking activity."-- "The Anti-Smoking Movement"

  • 1981: CONSUMPTION: Annual consumption peaks at 640 billion cigarettes, 60% of which

are low-tar brands.

  • 1981: LITIGATION: Rose Cipollone loses a lobe of her right lung to cancer; continues to

smoke cigarettes. 70

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