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  • 1981: LITIGATION: CBS Chicago news commentator Walter Jacobsen accuses Brown &

Williamson of engaging in a lurid advertising campaign to get young people to smoke. Jacobsen based his claim on a controversial "Illicit pleausre campaign" proposed by the Ted Bates agency.

  • 1981 Massachusetts GASP files suit against BAY Transit authority for not enforcing smoking


  • 1981: REGULATION: Brown & Williamson markets Barclay cigarettes, claiming that

Barclay was “99% tar free” and emphasizing its 1 mg tar rating. Barclay contained a unique filter design that included air channels within the filter. Shortly after the introduction of Barclay, both Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds notified the FTC that the unique design of Barclay produced low machine tar yields, however, actual smokers would block or collapse the air channels. An appeals court in FTC v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation came to a split decision. B&W redesigned the cigarette.

  • 1981: BUSINESS: Hamish Maxwell, 57, becomes CEO of Philip Morris (1981-1991),

succeeding George Weissman

  • 1981: Insurance companies begin offering discounts for nonsmokers on life insurance


  • 1981: Stanton Glantz at UCSF receives a copy of " Death in the West"

  • 1981: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: 1981 PM study investigates the link between pricing and

smoking levelsDick Schweiker was proposed as Secretary of DHHS (a conservative) and a relatively unknown surgeon by the name of C. Everett Koop was proposed as SG. The latter was considered an ultraconservative and darling of the far right because of his public stand on abortion. Jesse Helms was Koops sponsor in the Senate. Schweiker rescued the Office on Smoking and Health from

  • 1981-01: The Hirayama Study. Takeshi Hirayama, chief of epidemiology of the Research

Institute at Tokyo's National Cancer Center, and his associates studied for fourteen years 92,000 nonsmoking wives of smoking husbands to learn what their risk was of contracting lung cancer, compared to a similarly sized control group married to nonsmokers. Nonsmoking wives married to axsmokers or current smokers of up to fourteen cigarettes a day showed a 40 percent elevated risk of lung cancer over wives married to nonsmokers; those married to husbands smoking fifteen to nineteen cigarettes a day had a 60 percent higher risk; and those whose husbands smoked a pack or more a day had a 90 percent heightened risk. The findings were savaged by letters to the BMJ (by, among others, Theodore Sterling, whose projects received $5M in CTR funds between 1973 and 1990),-- and by the Tobacco Institute in full page ads all across the US. Meanwhile, Brown and Williamson documents show that, although the tobacco industry was publicly attacking Hirayama's paper, several of its own experts were privately admitting that his conclusions were valid. B&W counsel J. Wells said both German and British scientists paid by the tobacco industry had reviewed the work and "they believe Hirayama is a good scientist and that his non-smoking wives publication is correct."15 (J. Wells, Re Smoking and Health - Tim Finnegan, Memo to E. Pepples, 1981, 24 July) Non-smoking wives of heavy smokers have a higher risk of lung cancer: a study from Japan (BMJ, V. 282: pp. 183-185, 17 January 1981

  • 1981-02: David Stockton's Office of Management and Budget "zeroes out" the Office on

Smoking and Health in its FY 82 budget. Health and Human Services Secretary Dick Schweiker battles Stockton and the White House to get half the funding restored.

  • 1982: 15TH Surgeon General's Report: The Health Consequences of Smoking -- Cancer: A

Report of the Surgeon General

  • 1982: CONSUMPTION: 624 billion cigarettes were sold in the US this year, the most ever.

  • 1982: BUSINESS: Harrods' (department store) name goes on a a cigarette; this is one of the

first instances of tobacco companies "renting names" of other companies (See "Harley Davidson" cigarettes) (LB).

  • 1982: BUSINESS: Philip Morris Credit Corp. is incorporated.

  • 1982: BUSINESS: Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. is founded.


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