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  • 1984-04-15: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: Another "Mouse House Massacre." The Philip Morris

labs at which nicotine researchers Victor DeNoble and Paul Mele worked are abruptly shut down.

  • 1984-09-25: Tobacco Institute and the National Association of State Boards of Education

announce an anti-youth smoking campaign, "Responsible Living Program," which includes the TI/NASBE'-produced booklets, "Helping Youth Decide" and "Helping Youth Say No: A Parents' Guide to Helping Teenagers Cope with Peer Pressure." There is very little mention of tobacco in either book. The booklets offers no specific health reasons for urging youths to exhibit patience before undertaking an adult custom like smoking.

  • 1985: 18TH Surgeon General's Report: The Health Consequences of Smoking -- Cancer and

Chronic Lung Disease in the Workplace: A Report of the Surgeon General

  • 1985: HEALTH: Lung cancer surpasses breast cancer as #1 killer of women.

  • 1985: Stanford MBA student Joe Tye's 5 year old daughter becomes so delighted with a

Marlboro billboard, she begins squealing with delight and says, "Look Daddy, horsies!" Tye later founds STAT (Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco).

  • 1985: LITIGATION: Brown & Williamson sues CBS and Chicago news commentator Walter

Jacobsen for libel for his 1981 commentary. B&W wins a $3.05 million verdict--the largest libel award ever paid by a news organization.

  • 1985: UK: The Bradford City fire, started by a cigarette, kills 40 people.

  • 1985: LEGISLATION: WASHINGTON's preemptive Clean Indoor Air Act is passed."The

Washington Clean Indoor Air Act" prohibits smoking in government facilities, museums and office buildings but allowing it in restaurants, bars, bowling alleys and casinos.

  • 1985: BUSINESS: The corporate framework of Philip Morris Inc. is restructured and Philip

Morris Companies Inc., a holding company, becomes the publicly held parent of Philip Morris Inc.

  • 1985: BUSINESS: Philip Morris buys food and coffee giant General Foods (Post's cereal,

Jell-O, Maxwell House Coffee for $5.6 billion.

  • 1985: BUSINESS: Philip Morris net income tops the $1 billion mark, reaching $1.26 billion.

  • 1985: BUSINESS: Philip Morris begins publishing Philip Morris Magazine (1985-1992)

  • 1985: BUSINESS: RJ Reynolds Industries buys food products company Nabisco Brands for

$4.9B; renames itself RJR/Nabisco.. Ex-Standard Brands/Nabisco head Ross Johnson takes control of company.

  • 1985: BUSINESS: A tobacco trade journal reports on the job of the tobacco "flavourist" and

chemist. One job of the flavourist is to "ensure high satisfaction from an adequate level of nicotine per puff". One job of the chemist is "to ensure adequate levels of nicotine and tar in the smoke". (World Tobacco, March 1987, pp. 97-103).

  • 1985: TOBACCO CONTROL: Actor Yul Brynner does TV public service announcement

urging people to stop smoking. He said," "Now that I'm gone, I tell you: Don't smoke. Whatever you do, don't smoke." Sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

  • 1985: TOBACCO CONTROL: Iceland institutes a near-total ban of smoking in public.

  • 1985: SOCIETY: Ritz-Carlton Boston hosts a cigar-smoker private dinner party for 20

gentlemen. It soon becomes a regular event in Ritz-Carltons across the country..

  • 1985: Minnesota enacts the first state legislation to earmark a portion of the state cigarette

excise tax to support smoking prevention programs.

  • 1985: PEOPLE: Cuban President Fidel Castro stops smoking cigars.

  • 1985-01-17: BUSINESS: B&W lawyer J. Kendrick Wells writes "Re: Document Retention"

memo in reference to "removing the deadwood."

  • 1985-08-32: REGULATION: Aspen, CO, institutes 50% smoking ban. Smoking areas must

be separately ventilated.Some consider this the first restaurant smoking ban.


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