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  • 1986: 19TH Surgeon General's Report: The Health Consequences of Involuntary Smoking, A

Report of the Surgeon General (C. Everett Koop) finds smokeless tobacco to be cancer-causing, and addictive. "Based on the current report, the judgment can now be made that exposure to environmental tobacco smoke can cause disease, including lung cancer, in nonsmokers. It is also clear that simple separation of smokers and nonsmokers within the same airspace may reduce but cannot eliminate nonsmoker exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. The report also reviews an extensive body of evidence which establishes an increased risk of respiratory illness and reduced lung function in infants and very young children of parents who smoke."

  • 1986: BUSINESS: RJ Reynolds opens its Tobaccoville plant outside Winston-Salem, NC; it

was the world's largest cigarette factory at the time.

  • 1986: BUSINESS: RJ Reynolds Industries, Inc. becomes RJR Nabisco Inc.

  • 1986: BUSINESS: Philip Morris sells off Seven-Up International to PepsiCo.

  • 1986: BUSINESS: Spurred by the General Foods business, Philip Morris revenues increase

more than 50 percent to $25.4 billion, while net earnings reach $1.5 billion.

  • 1986: BUSINESS: Ex-Philip Morris CEO GEORGE WEISSMAN, begins reign as chairman

of Lincoln Center (NYC).

  • 1986: CUBA: Fidel Castro stops smoking cigars for health reasons.

  • 1986: USA: The CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE of the Library of Congress

wrote a 19 page document titled "The proposed prohibition on advertising tobacco products: A constitutional analysis". It concluded that (a) commercial speech does not have the same protection under law as non-commercial speech, (b) Congress had the authority to regulate tobacco advertising and (c) Congress had the authority to completely prohibit tobacco advertising under the conditions set in the Central Hudson case and/or the Posadas case. (LB)


  • 1986: LITIGATION: U.S. Tobacco wins SEAN MARSEE trial in Oklahoma, the only

smokeless-tobacco liability case ever tried. Marsee was a track athlete who began using smokeless tobacco at 12. He contracted cancer of the tongue, which spread to his lymph nodes. He died in 1984 at 19.

  • 1986: CANADA: The Nonsmokers' Rights Association releases A Catalogue of Deception --

a report detailing violations of almost every part of the tobacco industry's voluntary marketing code. The association also places full-page ads in newspapers calling on the government to treat tobacco the same way they'd treat any other lethal, addictive product. (Smoke & Mirrors, 1996)

  • 1986: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: Industry ETS Seminar Cancelled amid charges of deception

on sponsorship. Sorell Schwartz, a Georgetown pharmacologist and tobacco industry consultant, secured funding from two tobacco companies and other sponsors for a seminar on the science of ETS at Georgetown in June 1986. Included among the speakers were several authors of the National Academy of Sciences and U.S. Surgeon General's reports on passive smoking, then being written. Most of the moderators were members of Schwartz's industry consulting team, the "Indoor Air Pollution Advisory Group." Through inadvertence, Schwartz says, he failed to have an assistant notify speakers that the conference was sponsored in part by cigarette companies. For other technical reasons, he also failed to print this information in the program. The American Lung Association protested vehemently and asked Georgetown to cancel the meeting. . . Georgetown did not yield to the Lung Association, but Schwartz decided to cancel "on my own.' In a later pamphlet, the Tobacco Institute describes all this as "a direct threat to scientific integrity' and an "attempt to stifle free speech and academic freedom."

  • 1986: Mr. Potato Head Quits Smoking. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop asks Hasbro to stop

including a pipe as a Mr. PH accessory. Mr. Potato Head became the official "spokespud" for the American Lung Society and the Great American Smoke-out.


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