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He said the BHRA had been organized and financed almost exclusively by the tobacco industry. Fogel said he regretted his participation in the group. He owns the Jacopo restaurants, and wrote that since they went nonsmoking, "sales have risen." Fogel: 'There was no Beverly Hills Restaurant Association before the smokefree ordinance. We were organized by the tobacco industry. The industry even flew some of our members by Lear Jet to another California city considering smokefree restaurant legislation." Mr. Fogel goes on to say "I regret my participation with the tobacco industry." BHRA was represented by then-partner Mickey Kantor of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips law firm in Los Angeles

  • 1987: FIRES: 1984'S Cigarette Safety Act study group reports to Congress that the production

of more fire-safe cigarettes is indeed technically and economically feasible and within the capabilities of the tobacco industry at that time. The industry denies this. "Toward a Less Fire- Prone Cigarette," Final Report to the Congress,Technical Study Group on Cigarette and Little Cigar Fire Safety, Cigarette Safety Act of 1984, 1987.

  • 1987: Tobacco Instutute Testing Laboratory takes over tar/nicotine tests from the FTC Test


  • 1987: REGULATION: Department of Health and Human Services goes smoke-free.

  • 1987: REGULATION: AUSTRALIA: The province of Victoria is the first to use a tobacco

tax to create tobacco control foundation.

  • 1987: ADVERTISING: Joe Camel Debuts in USA. A North Carolina advertising agency uses

Joe Camel to celebrate "Old Joe's" 75th anniversary.

  • 1987: JAPAN: A tobacco trade jcournal reports on a group of Japanese "smoke lovers" who

participated in a panel discussion on smoking. One panelist said, "The life expectancy of Japanese is said to be the world's longest now, and why must we be so timidly concerned about health? Let's enjoy life and smoking" (World Tobacco, Sept 87, p.18). (LB)

  • 1987: JAPAN: The Tokyo Customs Office attributes the increase in cigarette imports to the

permeation of promotional activities of the suppliers of foreign tobacco products. (World Tobacco, Sept 87, p.7).(LB)

  • 1987: BUSINESS: Ross Johnson attempts a leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco.

  • 1987: BUSINESS: Introduction of "Go to Hell" cigarettes. Each pack comes with two

messages, first, "I like'em and I'm going to smoke'em", second, "Cheaper than psychiatry, better than a nervous breakdown". (Tobacco International, p.31). (LB)

  • 1987: Former "Marlboro Man" ad icon David Millar Jr. dies from emphysema.

  • 1987-09: BUSINESS: Premier Introduced. RJR's F. Ross Johnson introduces the smokeless

Premier cigarette at a press conference in New York's Grand Hyatt Hotel.

  • 1987-11-18: UK: Fire, thought caused by a dropped cigarette, engulfs the King's Cross

Underground station, killing 31. As a result, a 1985 ban on trains is expanded to cover the entire system, including London Underground stations.

  • 1988: 20TH Surgeon General's Report: The Health Consequences of Smoking: Nicotine

Addiction, A Report of the Surgeon General (C. Everett Koop) calls nicotine "a powerfully addicting drug." In 618-page summary of over 2,000 studies of nicotine and its effects on the body, Koop declares, "It is now clear that . . . cigarettes and other form of tobacco are addicting and that actions of nicotine provide the pharmacologic basic of tobacco addiction," .

  • 1988: LEGISLATION: Pennsylvania's preemptive Clean Indoor Air Act is passed; it requires

restaurants with 75 or more seats to provide a nonsmoking section. Restaurants with fewer seats either must provide a nonsmoking section or post signs saying there is no such section. The law preempts any further restrictions on public smoking by localities.

  • 1988: LITIGATION: FINLAND: First tobacco trial in Europe, in the case of Pentti Aho, 66.

In 2001, 7 years after his death, the supreme court rules Aho is responsible for his own ill health.

  • 1988: LITIGATION: CIPOLLONE: New Jersey Judge Lee H. Sarokin, presiding over the

Cipollone trial, says he has found evidence of a conspiracy by 3 tobacco companies that is vast in its scope, devious in its purpose, and devastating in its results." 77

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