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  • 1988: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: CIAR is created by Philip Morris, Lorillard and R. J.

Reynolds in 1988. CIAR’s Board of Directors, who were employees of Philip Morris, Lorillard, and R.J. Reynolds, controlled CIAR’s activities (DOJ) It's purpose was to fund research on ETS, and to communicate the results of that research.

  • 1988: DOCUMENTS: .Cipollone trial reveals "Motives and Incentives in Ciragette Smoking,"

a 1972 confidential report prepared by the Philip Morris Research Center of Richmond, Virginia. It reads in part, The cigarette should be conceived not as a product but as a package. The product is nicotine. . . . Think of the cigarette as a dispenser for a dose unit of nicotine. . . . Think of a puff of smoke as the vehicle of nicotine. . . . Smoke is beyond question the most optimized vehicle of nicotine and the cigarette the most optimized dispenser of smoke.

  • 1988: CONSUMPTION: New Teen Smokers: 710,000

  • 1988: SMOKEFREE: Northwest Airlines bans inflight smoking, the first major airline to ban

smoking on all North American flights.

  • 1988: BUSINESS: Philip Morris report, "Smoking Among High School Seniors" suggests

fewer youngsters were smoking in the early 1980s because participation in athletic programs was increasing.

  • 1988: BUSINESS: Philip Morris pays $13.6 billion for Kraft, Inc. As in the General Foods

deal, most of the financing is provided by non-U.S. sources.

  • 1988: BUSINESS: Philip Morris revenues reach nearly $32 billion; net earnings top $2.3


  • 1988: BUSINESS: Richemont is formed.

  • 1988: ADVERTISING: McCann-Erickson ad agency creates "Smooth Character" line for Joe

Camel campaign.

  • 1988: SPORTS: Olympics goes smoke-free. When the 1988 Winter Olympics were held in

Calgary, Alberta, Dr. John Hamilton Read successfully lobbies to have the Games smoke-free. All subsequent Games also ban smoking.

  • 1988-01-06: LITIGATION: Merrell Williams begins work for lawfirm Wyatt, Tarrant &

Combs analyzing secret Brown & Williamson tobacco documents.

  • 1988-04-07: CESSATION: First World No-Tobacco Day, sponsored by World Health

Organization as part of WHO's 40th anniversary. Slogan: Tobacco or health: The choice is yours

  • 1988-04-18: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: Shook Hardy recommends renewal of $484G Feinstein

"CTR Special Project" "Dr. Alvan Feinstein has requested a renewal of his CTR Special Project on improved scientific methods in clinical epidemiology. Funding is requested for two years in the amount of $484,960." Bates #:2015006928-6929 http://my.tobaccodocuments.org/tdo/view.cfm?ShowCitation=yes&CitID=2292049

  • 1988-06: LITIGATION: Liggett Group (L&M, Chesterfield) ordered to pay Antonio Cipollone

$400,000 in compensatory damages for its contribution to his wife's death. In the years before the 1966 warning labels, Liggett found to have given Cipollone an express warranty its products were safe. First ever financial award in a liability suit against a tobacco company; award later overturned on technicality; plaintiffs, out of money, drop case

  • 1988-Fall: BUSINESS: Ross Johnson informs RJR Nabisco board he intends to lead a

management buy-out, and purchase the company for $17 billion. The ensuing debacle will become the largest LBO ever, with Henry Kravitz' KKR emerging the winner in 1989, paying a record $24.9 billion.

  • 1988-11-17: Great American Smokeout; ex-Winston model David Goerlitz quits smoking after

24 years.

  • 1988-12 to 1993-03:Jeffrey Wigand works at Brown & Williamson.

  • 1988-89: CANADA: LEGISLATION: Federal laws are enacted to prohibit tobacco

advertising and ensure smoke-free workplaces. Cigarette packs must carry one of four specified health warnings: "Smoking reduces life expectancy;" "Smoking is the major cause of lung


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