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  • 1990: INDIA: A tobacco trade journal reports that India is selling its first cigarette

specifically aimed at women, MS Special Filters, "the sort of market targeting that can get you pilloried in the US." (World Tobacco, March 1990, p. 11). (LB)

  • 1990: PEOPLE: Philip Morris CEO Hamish Maxwell, a heavy smoker, undergoes quadruple

bypass surgery.

  • 1990: REGULATION: NYC Passes Tobacco Sampling Law. Prohibits giveaway or discounted

distribution of tobacco products in public places and at public events. Exempts tobacco retailers in their stores and wholesalers or manufacturers.

  • 1990: BUSINESS: The Uptown Fiasco. RJR begins test-marketing "Uptown" cigarettes

targetting blacks. Health and Human Services secretary Louis Sullivan, along with many black civic and religious leaders denounce the cigarette. RJR cancels the cigarette. The success of the campaign leads to the founding of the National Association of African Americans for Positive Imagery (NAAAPI) in 1991.

  • 1990: BUSINESS: Los Angeles, CA, restaurant Remi holds its first cigar night for women, the

"George Sands Society Night."

  • 1990-01-01: Airline smoking ban. The smoking ban on all domestic flights of less than 6

hours, except to Alaska or Hawaii, takes effect. Smoking is also banned on interstate buses.

  • 1990-02: BUSINESS: Marketing firm Spector M. Marketors, under contract for R.J. Reynolds

Tobacco Company developed plans to promote "Dakota" brand cigarettes to the "virile female," including 18- through 20-year-old women

  • 1990-02-10: LITIGATION: Miles v Philip Morris is filed In Madison County, IL. under the

Illinois Consumer Fraud Act. The plaintiffs claim that Philip Morris committed fraud by claiming its Marlboro Lights and Cambridge Lights delivered lower tar and nicotine than the regular Marlboro and Cambridge cigarettes.

  • 1990-05-19: Belgium bans smoking in pulic places--railway stations, town halls, hospitals,

nursing homes, etc.

  • 1990-05-31: World No-Tobacco Day. Slogan: Childhood and youth without tobacco

  • 1990-08-02: REGULATION: San Luis Obispo, California becomes the first city in the world

to ban smoking in all public buildings -- including bars and restaurants.

  • 1990-08-22: RUSSIA: Scores of angry smokers block street near Moscow's Red Square for

hours in protest of summer-long cigarette shortage

  • 1991: REGULATION: FRANCE: France passes the Evin law banning smoking in public

areas and requiring non-smoking areas in restaurants. It is almost completely ignored.

  • 1991: LITIGATION: Mildred Wiley, a nonsmoker, dies of lung cancer at 56. Her husband,

Philip of Marion, Indiana, will bring a suit that in December, 1995 will be the first to establish second hand smoke as a workplace injury eligible for workers' compensation.

  • 1991: LITIGATION: Grady Carter is diagnosed with lung cancer.

  • 1991: ADVERTISING: Joe Camel's own line of merchandise is touted by RJR as bringing in

$40 Million/year in advertising billings.

  • 1991: ADVERTISING: JAMA publishes 2 noted studies of Joe Camel and kids:

    • One finds that 91% of 6 year olds can match Joe Camel to his product (cigarettes), and is as recognized by preschoolers as Mickey Mouse

    • The other study, by Joe DiFranza, finds that since the inception of the Joe Camel campaign in 1987, Camel's share of the under-18 market had risen from 0.5% to 32.8%.

  • 1991: ADVERTISING: Saatchi and Saatchi unit Campbell Mithun tests a campaign for Kool

that featured a cartoon smoking penguin wearing shades, a buzzcut and Day-Glo sneakers.


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