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  • 1991: BRITAIN: The British government will no longer provide financial aid to tobacco

companies in developing countries. (AP, 9 Feb 1991). (LB)

  • 1991: BUSINESS: Johns Hopkins University announces that it will sell all its $5.3 million

worth of tobacco stock. (LB)

  • 1991: BUSINESS: Marlboro Medium is introduced

  • 1991: BUSINESS: PM Chairman Hamish Maxwell (1981-1991) retires. Michael A. Miles

(1991-1994) becomes chairman & CEO, the first non-tobacco man to do so.

  • 1991: BUSINESS: PMI's volume tops 400 billion units.

  • 1991-03: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: International ETS Management Committee (IEMC) is

established in an effort to undertake better planning to deal with ETS related public policy. (DOJ)

  • 1991: SPORTS: Health and Human Services Secretary Louis W. Sullivan asks sports fans to

boycott events sponsored by tobacco companies, and urges promotors to shun tobacco money. His plea is ignored.

  • 1991-02-21: BUSINESS: Philip Morris Sues Sega over Marlboro trademark. Philip Morris

sues Sega in United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, claiming that Sega Enterprises of San Jose, Calif., failed to comply with a March 20, 1990, agreement to have the Marlboro trademark removed from its "Super Monaco GP" video game. Sega agrees to settle in May, 1992, offering video game owners $200 to have their video games revamped.

  • 1991-05-31: Philip Morris and the AIDS activist group ACT-UP (Aids Coalition To Unleash

Power) announce an end to boycotts against Miller Beer and Marlboro cigarettes in return for more funding to fight AIDS and anti-gay bias. Tthe boycott originated in 1990 in protest of Philip Morris's support of Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., regarded in the homosexual community as anti-gay. "This settlement . . . represents us taking money from walking over the bodies of those killed by cigarettes," William Dobbs of the New York chapter said.He called the agreement "despicable," saying that taking money from a cigarette company was like "stepping over thousands of dead" to help AIDS victims. "Is it linked to the peopole you kill every year?" he asked PM VP of Corparate Affairs Guy Smith IV.

  • 1991-05-31: World No-Tobacco Day. Slogan: Public places and transport: better be tobacco-


  • 1991-06: BUSINESS: Domini Social Equity Fund is created by Amy Domini to exclude war-

related, alcohol and tobacco stocks.

  • 1991-07: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: Consumers' Research Magazine publishes "Passive

Smoking: How Great a Hazard?" by Huber, Gary L; Brockie, Robert E; Mahajan, Vijay K. "ETS is so highly diluted that it is not even appropriate to call it smoke."

  • 1992: CONSUMPTION: Among smokers age 12 to 17 years, a 1992 Gallup survey found that

70% said if they had to do it over again, they would not start smoking, and 66% said that they want to quit. Fifty-one percent of the teen smokers surveyed had made a serious effort to stop smoking--but had failed.

  • 1992: 23rd Surgeon General's Report: Smokmg and Health in the Amencas: A 1992 Report of

the Surgeon General, in Collaboration with the Pan Amencan Health Organization

  • 1992: STATISTICS: Per-capita consumption of cigarettes stands at 7 per day among adult


  • 1992: Congress passes the Durbin Amendment, which prohibits the USDA from using the

Market Promotion Program to promote the sale and export of U.S. tobacco abroad. In 1993, Congress broadens the prohibition to apply to the entire Foreign Agricultural Service within USDA.

  • 1992: CESSATION: Nicotine patch is introduced.


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