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  • 1992: LITIGATION: Supreme Court rules that the 1965 warning label law does not shield

tobacco companies from suits accusing them of deceiving the public about the health effects of smoking.

  • 1992: LEGISLATION: NYC passes Vending Machine Law. Bans distribution of tobacco

products through vending machines except those placed at least 25 feet from the door of a tavern.

  • 1992: LEGISLATION: NY State passes Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act. Prohibits

free distribution of tobacco products to the public, tobacco sales through vending machines or to minors. Requires merchants to post signs saying no sales to minors and to ask for age identification of anyone under 25. Allows parent of a minor who purchased tobacco to bring a complaint against the vendor.

  • 1992: LEGISLATION: Australia: Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act

  • 1992: LITIGATION: U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn, N.Y., begins criminal probe of industry.

  • 1992: ENTERTAINMENT: Pinkerton Tobacco Co., under pressure from the FTC, agrees to

cease advertising its products on TV during the "Red Man Pulling Series.".

  • 1992-Fall: MEDIA: Marvin Shanken publishes first issue of Cigar Aficionado

  • 1992: BUSINESS: Philip Morris Magazine folds

  • 1992: BUSINESS: Philip Morris Cos. revenues approach the $60 billion mark; net earnings

fall just short of $5 billion. Operating companies income tops $5 billion at PM U.S.A.; $2 billion at both PMI and KGF; and $1 billion at the international food business.

  • 1992: BUSINESS: Marlboro Adventure Team contest is introduced. Philip Morris has called

the MAT one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history.

  • 1992: BUSINESS: Financial World ranks Marlboro the world's No. 1 most valuable brand

(value: $31.2 billion)

  • 1992: BUSINESS: HUNGARY: BAT acquires Pcsi Dohnygyr, Hungary's largest cigarette


  • 1992: Camel model Will Thornbury dies of lung cancer at age of 56.

  • 1992-04: INDUSTRY RESEARCH: Consumers' Research Magazine publishes "Passive

Smoking And Your Heart" by Huber, Gary L; Brockie, Robert E; Mahajan, Vijay K.

  • 1992-04: "Marlbor Man" Wayne McLaren asks Philip Morris to limit its advertising. Dying of

lung cancer, McLaren appears at PM's annual shareholders meeting in Richmond, VA, and asks the company to voluntarily limit its advertsing. Chairman Michael Miles responds: We're certainly sorry to hear about your medical problem. Without knowing your medical history, I don't think I can comment any further.

  • 1992-05: AUSTRALIA: LITIGATION: ETS: Leisel Sholem wins $50,000 in second-hand

smoke suit, based on knowledge about ETS between 1975 and 1986.

  • 1992-05-31: World No-Tobacco Day. Slogan: Tobacco-free workplaces: safer and healthier

  • 1992-07-22: Former "Marlboro Man" ad icon Wayne McLaren, 51, dies of lung cancer.

  • 1993: CONSUMPTION: 70% of adults who smoke wanted to quit completely; Smoking

prevalence among U.S. adults (18 years of age and older) is estimated to be 25%, compared with 26.3% for 1992. Forty-six million adults currently smoke (24 million men, 22 million women). Thirty-two million American smokers (70% of all adult smokers) report that they want to quit smoking completely. Women (73%) are more likely to want to quit smoking than men (67%). By 1993, an estimated 38.2% of high school dropouts who had ever smoked had quit, compared with 45.3% of high school graduates and 65.4% of college graduates. --"Cigarette smoking among adults--United States, 1993," CDC, December 23, 1994, issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)

  • 1993: CONSUMPTION: About 3 million Americans smoke cigars.

  • 1993: Incoming President Bill CLINTON bans smoking in the White House.

  • 1993: BUSINESS: US Tobacco introduces Cherry-flavored Skoal long-cut.


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