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  • 1993: BUSINESS: Separation of Richemont's tobacco and luxury goods operations into

Rothmans International BV/PLC and Vendôme luxury goods SA/PLC

  • 1993: SMOKEFREE: VERMONT is the first state in the nation to ban indoor smoking; bars

are exempt.

  • 1993: SMOKEFREE: CA: Davis bans smoking in restaurants.

  • 1993: SMOKEFREE: CA: Los Angeles bans smoking in restaurants.

  • 1993: BUSINESS: Philip Morris is the nation's #2 advertiser, behind Proctor and Gamble.

  • 1993: BUSINESS: Cigarette promotional expenditures reach $6.03 billion, an increase of

    • 15.4

      percent over 1992.

      • 1993: BUSINESS: Financial World ranks Marlboro the world's No. 1 most valuable brand

(value: $39.5 billion)

  • 1993: BUSINESS: Philip Morris buys RJR Nabisco's North American cold cereal operation.

  • 1993: BUSINESS: Philip Morris' revenues reach nearly $61 billion.

  • 1993: BUSINESS: Con-Agra's Charles Harper becomes CEO of RJR

  • 1993: BUSINESS: UST introduces low-nicotine, cherry-flavored Skoal Long Cut

  • 1993: "Allies: The ACLU and the Tobacco Industry" reveals an otherwise undisclosed

$500,000 given by Philip Morris to the ACLU between 1987 and 1992, along with additional sums from RJR Nabisco and the Tobacco Institute.. The report was written by Morton Mintz in cooperation with Public Citizen, the Advocacy Institute, the American Heart Association and Ralph Nader.

  • 1993: The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) is first suggested to the WHO

by Ruth Roemer, Professor of Health Law at the UCLA School of Public Health.

  • 1993: CANADA: LEGISLATION: Federal law is enacted to raise the legal age for buying

tobacco to 18. (NCTH)

  • 1993: Major League Baseball institutes a tobacco prohibition policy for all minor-league

teams, coaches and staff.

  • 1993-01 FRANCE: LEGISLATION: Tobacco advertising is banned; Grand Prix auto race

canceled because of tobacco advertising. In February, Grand Prix is re-instated, without direct tobacco advertising; drivers still allowed to wear sponsors' colors.

  • 1993: SOUTH AFRICA: First tobacco control law passed--The Tobacco Products Control

Amendment Act bans sale of cigarettes to those under 16; this is largely ignored

  • 1993-01: HEALTH: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) releases 510-page report,

"Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Diseases;" declares cigarette smoke a Class-A carcinogen.

  • 1993-01-28: LITIGATION: SCOTLAND: Alfred McTear launches civil case against Imperial

Tobacco at Court of Session in Edinburgh.

  • 1993-01-28: Michael Fumento's "Is EPA Blowing Its Own Smoke? How Much Science Is

Behind Its Tobacco Finding?" is published in the Investor's Business Journal. It quotes Alvan Feinstein, Gary Huber, and James E. Enstrom critiquiing the EPA report.

  • 1993-04-02: BUSINESS: "Marlboro Friday"--PM Slashes Marlboro Prices

  • 1993-05-31: World No-Tobacco Day. Slogan: Health services: Our window to a tobacco-free


  • 1993-07-15: USA: Tobacco BBS goes online, as a FirstClass BBS.

  • 1993-09-29: LITIGATION: Wyatt, Tarant files suit against Merrell Williams over "secret"

tobacco papers.

  • 1993: LEGISLATION: NYC passes Tobacco Product Regulation Act. Bans out-of-package

tobacco sales. Places age restrictions on handling. Prohibits sale of tobacco products to minors. Requires one public health message for every four tobacco ads appearing on city property. Bans use of tobacco products on school property.


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