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  • 1994: STATISTICS: Of those who smoke, 70 percent expressed an interest in quitting. Another

28 percent said they had no desire to give up smoking. Forty-eight percent said they want to quit and have tried to do so but failed, and 22 percent want to quit but have not tried. (Source: USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll, March 1994)

  • 1994: 24th Surgeon General's Report: Preventing Tobacco Use Among Young People: A

Report of the Surgeon General

  • 1994: OSHA proposes severe workplace smoking restrictions.

  • 1994: Brown & Williamson tries to force Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., to hand over

confidential documents that Waxman's subcommittee obtained in its investigation of the tobacco industry. B&W's case was argued in court, and lost, by Kenneth Starr.

  • 1994: MEDIA: Frank Blethen's Seattle (Wash.) Times becomes the largest US newspaper to

refuse tobacco advertising. "These ads were designed to kill our readers," said Times president

  • H.

    Mason Sizemore, "so we decided to refuse them."

    • 1994: SMOKEFREE: McDonald's bans smoking in all 11,000 of its restaurants

    • 1994: SMOKEFREE: Dept. of Defense imposes restrictions on smoking at all US military

bases worldwide

  • 1994: BUSINESS: William Murray is appointed chairman of Philip Morris Cos.; Geoffrey C.

Bible is named president and CEO.

  • 1994: During the presidential campaign, Senator Robert Dole publicly questions the

addictiveness of tobacco, comparing the dangers of smoking to those of drinking milk.

  • 1994: Tobacco Control Begins in China. China institutes restrictions on tobacco advertising,

puts health warnings on cigarette packs and sanctions antismoking education efforts.

  • 1994: BUSINESS: Financial World ranks Marlboro the world's No. 2 most valuable brand

behind Coca-Cola (value: $33 billion)

  • 1994: BUSINESS: Philip Morris sends out an estimated 19 million Marlboro promotional

items; briefly becomes #3 mail order house in the US

  • 1994: SPORTS: Billie Jean King's Virginia Slims Tennis tour ends. The Women's Tennis Assn.

event began in 1971.

  • 1994: CANADA: LEGISLATION: Bigger and stronger warning messages are required on

cigarette packs: (NCTH)

    • "Cigarettes are addictive;"

    • "Tobacco smoke can harm your children;"

    • "Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease;"

    • "Cigarettes cause cancer;"

    • "Cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease;"

    • "Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby;"

    • "Smoking can kill you;"

    • "Tobacco smoke causes fatal lung disease in non-smokers."

  • 1994: First International Quit & Win (IQW) competition

  • 1994: LEGISLATION: Federal Pro-Children Act of 1994. Public Law 103-227, Title X, Part

C—Environmental Tobacco Smoke, also known as the Pro-Children Act of 1994 (Act), imposes restrictions on smoking in facilities where federally funded children's services are provided. The Act specifies that smoking is prohibited in any indoor facility owned, leased, or contracted for and used for the routine or regular provision of kindergarten, elementary, or secondary education or library services to children under the age of 18. In addition, smoking is prohibited in any indoor facility or portion of a facility owned, leased, or contracted for and used for the routine or regular provision of federally funded health care, day care, or early childhood development (Head Start) services to children under the age of 18. The statutory prohibition also applies if such facilities are constructed, operated, or maintained with Federal funds. The statute does not apply to children's services provided in private residences, facilities funded


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