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solely by Medicare or Medicaid funds, portions of facilities used for inpatient drug or alcohol treatment, or facilities where Women, Infants and Children (WIC) coupons are redeemed.

  • 1994: Congressional Research Service report criticizes 1993 EPA secondhand smoke report.

EPA responds: Two economists from CRS [Gravelle and Zimmerman], citing material largely prepared by the tobacco industry, included a discussion of EPA's risk assessment in an economic analysis of a cigarette excise tax proposal to fund health care reform. In EPA's view, the CRS economists' cursory look at the issues is not comparable to the exhaustive analyses and rigorous review process which EPA undertook when examining the extensive database on secondhand smoke and respiratory health.

  • 1994: FIRES: INDIA: 66 passengers die when a fire breaks out on Mumbai-Howrah Express

after a passenger throws a bidi on a packet of crackers.

  • 1994-02: CANADA: Tobacco taxes are slashed to curb runaway bootlegging from the US.

  • 1994-02-22: SCIENCE: Scientists from Canada reported finding evidence of cigarette smoke

in fetal hair, the first biochemical proof that the offspring of non-smoking mothers can be affected by passive cigarette smoke.

  • 1994-02: LEGISLATION: FDA commissioner David Kessler announces plans to consider

regulation of tobacco as a drug.

  • 1994: LEGISLATION: NY State passes PRO-KIDS Law. Prohibits smoking on school grounds

in all schools, kindergarten through 12th grade. Bans out-of-package cigarette sales. Prohibits smoking in child-care centers, youth centers, group homes, public institutions or residential treatment facilities that serve young people.

  • 1994-03: ADVERTISING: Brown & Williamson Tobacco yanks cigarette accounts from

Saatchi unit Campbell Mithun. Gives Kool account to Grey Advertising.

  • 1994-02-28 & 03-07: TV: ABC airs "Day One" segments "Smokescreen" and "The List"

concerning tobacco industry manipulation of nicotine

  • 1994-03-24: LITIGATION: Philip Morris sues ABC for $10 billion over the 2 "Day One"

segments. (Two other events were occurring this year: ABC was in the process of being sold to Disney, and the huge communications bill was going through Congress. Lobbyists swarmed Congress, especially the powerful chairman of the House Commerce Committee, VA Republican Tom Bliley, often dubbed"The Congressman from Philip Morris.")

  • 1994-03-24: Wall St. Journal publishes, "Smoke & Mirrors: EPA Wages War on Cigarettes,"

by Jacob Sullum. The article takes issue with the EPA's 1993 report on secondhand smoke, quoting industry-paid scientists--Alvan Feinstein, James Enstrom and Gary Huber.

  • 1994-03-29: LITIGATION: New Orleans, LA. Castano case begins; a 60-attorney coalition

files what will become the nation's largest class-action lawsuit plaintiffs charge tobacco companies hid their knowledge of the addicting qualities of tobacco.

  • 1994-04: IRAN:

  • 1994-04: BUSINESS: BAT Industries agrees to buy American Tobacco from American Brands

for $1 billion.

  • 1994-04-13: Tobacco Industry releases "The List" of 599 cigarette additives

  • 1994-04-14: Seven Tobacco Company executives begin testimony in Congressional hearings

  • 1994-04-28: ex-Philip Morris scientist Victor J. DeNoble testifies on his research into

nicotine and addiction in rats; claims PM suppresed his findings.

  • 1994-04: MEDIA: Time and US News and World Report each run cover stories on tobacco;

as with the June 6, 1983 Newsweek, neither has a single tobacco advertisement.

  • 1994-05-07: New York TImes front-page article reviews "secret" Brown & Williamson

tobacco papers.

  • 1994-05-12: Stanton Glantz at UCSF receives a box of "secret" Brown & Williamson tobacco

papers from "Mr. Butts."

  • 1994-05-16: National Review publishes "Just how bad is secondhand smoke? (Cover Story),"

by Jacob Sullum, who quotes James Enstrom, Gary Huber and Alvan Feinstein.


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