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  • 1994-05-23: LITIGATION: MISSISSIPPI becomes the first state to sue tobacco companies to

recoup health care costs associated with smoking. (The State of Mississippi v. American Tobacco et. al., filed in the Chancery Court of Jackson County, Mississippi (Case No. 94-1429). Case brought by Miss. A-G Michael Moore.

  • 1994-05-26: RJR reprints Sullum's WSJ article in a full-page ad, with the caption, "IF WE

SAID IT, YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE IT." Reynolds' EPA assault includes as well a major multi-city tour of RJR representatives and scientists who meet with editors, writers and talk show hosts. The ad emphasizes that Mr. Sullum "is not associated with the tobacco industry." See: http://texts.cdlib.org/dynaxml/servlet/BookView?source=eschol/6838/6838.xml&style=eschol/xs l/dynaxml/dynaxml.xsl&doc.view=popup&fig.ent=6838_00005.gif or http://texts.cdlib.org/dynaxml/servlet/BookView?source=eschol/6838/6838.xml&style=eschol/xs l/dynaxml/dynaxml.xsl&doc.view=0&chunk.id=d0e6242&toc.depth=1&toc.id=d0e6242&query =sullum#1

  • 1994-05-31: LITIGATION: David Burton, who lost both legs due to peripheral vascular

disease (PVD) files suit in Federal Court in Manhattan, KS, against RJR and American Tobacco Co.

  • 1994-05-31: FTC Clears Joe Camel

  • 1994-05-31: World No-Tobacco Day. Slogan: The media and tobacco: Getting the health

message across

  • 1994-06-02: LITIGATION: West Virginia sues tobacco companies to recoup smokers'

Medicaid costs.

  • 1994-06-27: Philip Morris reprints Sullum's March, 1994 Forbes MediaCritic article (a

longer version of his WSJ item), "Passive Reporting on Passive Smoke," in full, in a series of 6 full-page ads in newspapers throughout the country, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, and Baltimore Sun, under the heading, "SECONDHAND SMOKE FACTS FINALLY EMERGE / How Science Lost Out To Politics On Seconhand Smoke" Philip Morris paid Sullum $5,000 for the right to reprint. See: http://texts.cdlib.org/dynaxml/servlet/BookView?source=eschol/6838/6838.xml&style=eschol/xs l/dynaxml/dynaxml.xsl&doc.view=popup&fig.ent=6838_00006.gif The introductory ad began, "Were you misled? Ever since the EPA issued its report ... serious questions have been raised about the report's validity." The banner atop the following four-part reprint series proclaim "Secondhand Smoke: Facts Finally Emerge"; the bottom banner concludes, "In any controversy, Facts Must Matter." Finally, in 40 Sunday papers, the full article is reprinted. "We felt that this report was particularly objective," said PM vice president Ellen Merlo. Elizabeth Whelan said, "Wall Street Journal, Reason, Forbes and National Review all recently carried essentially the same article by the same author--Jacob Sullum--who defies the now nearly unanimous view of scientists that [secondhand smoke] can be harmful." The ads were such blockbusters that they received media coverage, which reported Philip Morris' views also.

  • 1994-07: Ex-tobacco lobbyist Victor Crawford makes first national appearance for tobacco

control. Dying of cancer, Crawford is featured with ex-surgeon general C. Everett Koop in a Coalition on Smoking and Health radio spot which urges a $2 federal cigarette tax to help fund health care reform.

  • 1994-08-17: LITIGATION: Minnesota and Blue Cross/Blue Shield sue tobacco companie for

violating anti-trust laws by failing to disclose addictive qualities of tobacco..

  • 1994-11: California: Prop. 188 is overwhelmingly defeated. The tobacco industry spent $18

M to pass a measure sponsored by "Californians for Statewide Smoking Restrictions" that would have pre-empted stronger local laws, along with the coming 1995 statewide ban on smoking in restaurants.

  • 1994-12: SOUTH AFRICA: Health Minister Nkosazana Zumaout mandates health warnings

on cigarette packs and advertising.


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