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Health of Canadians, an outline of proposed legislation to reinstate the advertising ban, but no bill has yet been introduced in Parliament. (NCTH)

  • 1995: UK: Nicotine is specifically excluded from the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

  • 1995-01: BUSINESS: BAT completes purchase of American Tobacco Co. for $1 Billion.

  • 1995-01: REGULATION: CALIFORNIA bans smoking in restaurants. Assembly Bill 13, the

state's smoke-free workplace law comes into effect.

  • 1995-02-17: LITIGATION: CASTANO: US DIstrict Judge Okla B. Jones rules class action

case may proceed.

  • 1995-02-22: LITIGATION: Florida sues tobacco companies to recoup health care costs .

  • 1995-03-19: CBS' "60 Minutes" airs segment featuring ex-tobacco lobbyist Victor Crawford

  • 1995-05: USA: First appearance of Tobacco BBS on the internet.

  • 1995-05-26: BUSINESS: Philip Morris announces unprecedented recall of 8 billion cigarettes

due to a suspected chemical contaminant. On May 19, a worker at the Philip Morris cigarette factory in Cabarrus County noticed an unusual odor. Tests found filters contaminated by methyl isothiocyanate. Later analysis show the contamination posed no additional health hazard.

  • 1995-05-31: World No-Tobacco Day. Slogan: Tobacco costs more than you think

  • 1995-06-09: BATF Searches 1500 Brown & Williamson Tower, B&W's US HQ, investigating

possible complicity in smuggling.

  • 1995-06-27: Philip Morris announces "Action Against Access," a voluntary program aimed at

preventing youth access to cigarettes. Philip Morris this year also instituted the"Ask first" and "Responsible Retailer Program"

  • 1995-06-30: "Secret" B&W papers become available on Internet one day after the California

Supreme Court rejects B&W's attempts to suppress the information.

  • 1995-07-12: AMA excoriates tobacco industry over "secret" B&W papers. AMA devotes

entire July 19, 1995 issue of JAMA to a study of the papers, finds The evidence is unequivocal -- the US public has been duped by the tobacco industry. No right-thinking individual can ignore the evidence. We should all be outraged, and we should force the removal of this scourge from our nation . . .

  • 1995-07-13: FDA declares nicotine a drug

  • 1995-07-21: US under-age smoking found rising.

  • 1995-08-10: President Clinton declares nicotine an addictive drug; FDA sends President

Clinton proposals for regulating the sale and marketing of tobacco products to minors

  • 1995-08-10: LITIGATION: The 5 largest tobacco companies file suit in a North Carolina

court challenging the FDA's authority to regulate tobacco and advertising.. The advertising industry files in North Carolina within days. Smokeless tobacco manufacturers U.S. Tobacco Co. and Conwood Co file suit in Tennessee.

  • 1995-08-21:LITIGATION: ABC apologizes to Philip Morris for "Day One" program, pays

PM an estimated $16 million in legal fees.

  • 1995-08-31: LITIGATION: $1.9 million awarded plaintiff Milton Horowitz in Kent Micronite

filter case; only the 2nd time an award has been given in a liability case against a tobacco company. However, the suit concerned asbestos, not tobacco

  • 1995-09-04: "Winston Man" Alan Landers, 54, joins anti-smoking movement.

  • 1995-09: RJR's faux-micro-smokery, Moonlight Tobacco Co., introduces its artsy brands to

New York, Chicago and Seattle: Politix, Sedona, Jumbos, North Star.

  • 1995-10-12: Former "Marlboro Man" ad icon David McLean dies of lung cancer at 73

[Original "Marlboro Man" William Thourlby is still alive as of 5/2002, living in NYC.]

  • 1995-10-20: ART: Hans Haacke and 11 other artists hang their works with protests against

their New York art show's sponsor, Philip Morris

  • 1995-11-09: The NY Times reports that CBS has killed broadcast of a 60 Minutes interview

with a former tobacco executive (soon revealed as Jeffrey Wigand). That day, a CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, KCBS, killed an anti-tobacco ad that had been running for weeks. Meanwhile, CBS was in in the process of being sold to Westinghouse.


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