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  • 1606+: ADVERTISING: ENGLAND: America and advertising begin to grow together. One

of the first products heavily marketed is America itself. Richard Hofstadter called the Virginia Company's recruitment effort for its new colony, "one of the first concerted and sustained advertising campaigns in the history of the modern world." The out-of-place, out-of-work "gentlemen" in an overpopulated England were sold quite a bill of goods about the bountiful land and riches to be had in the New World. Daniel J. Boorstin has mused whether "there was a kind of natural selection here of those people who were willing to believe in advertising."

  • 1607: JAMESTOWN saga begins

  • 1610: ENGLAND: Sir Francis Bacon writes that tobacco use is increasing and that it is a

custom hard to quit. (LB)

  • 1610: ENGLAND: Edmond Gardiner publishes William Barclay's The Trial of Tobacco and

provides a text of recipies and medicinal preparations. BArclay defends tobacco as a medicine but condemns casual use(LB)

  • 1612: CHINA: Imperial edict forbidding the planting and use tobacco.(TSW)

  • 1612: JAMESTOWN: John Rolfe raises Virginia's first commercial crop of "tall tobacco."

  • 1613-89: RUSSIA: Tobacco prohibition under the early Romanoffs (AHS)

  • 1614-04: JAMESTOWN: John Rolfe and Rebecca (nee Pocahontas) are married

  • 1613-06: ENGLAND: First shipment of Rolfe's tobacco arrives. (ASHES TO ASHES: THE


  • 1614: ENGLAND: First sale of native Virginia tobacco in England; Virginia colony enters

world tobacco market, under English protection

  • 1614: ENGLAND: "[T]here be 7000 shops, in and about London, that doth vent Tobacco" --

The Honestie of this Age, Prooving by good circumstance that the world was never honest till now, by Barnabee Rych Gentleman (BD)

  • 1614: ENGLAND: King James I makes the import of tobacco a Royal monopoly, available

for a yearly fee of 14,000.

  • 1614: LITERATURE: Nepenthes, or the Vertues of Tabacco, by William Barclay; Edinburgh,

    • 1614.

      Touts tobacco's medicinal qualities, and recommends exclusively tobacco of American

origin (BD)

  • 1614: SPAIN: King Philip III establishes Seville as tobacco center of the world. Attempting to

prevent a tobacco glut, Philip requires all tobacco grown in the Spanish New World to be shipped to a central location, Seville, Spain. Seville becomes the world center for the production of cigars. European cigarette use begins here, as beggars patch together tobacco from used cigars, and roll them in paper(papeletes). Spanish and Portuguese sailors spread the practice to Russia and the Levant.

  • 1610: ENGLAND: First tobacco vending machine invented. The "honor box" allows a user to

deposit a penny to open the lid of a small box, and scoop out a pipeful of tobacco.

  • 1616: Tobacco Nation Discovered. The French discover an Iroquoian branch of American

Indians in present-day Ontario, Canada, and term them the Tobacco Nation, or Tionontati, because of their large tobacco fields. After attack by the Iroquois, the remnants of the Tobacco Nation, along with many Huron refugees, settled SW of Lake Superior. They were soon assimilated into one tribe, known as the Wyandot. In 1990 there were about 2,500 Wyandot left in the US.

  • 1616-06-03: JAMESTOWN: John Rolfe and Pocahontas arrive in London

  • 1617: Dr. William Vaughn writes:

Tobacco that outlandish weede It spends the braine and spoiles the seede It dulls the spirite, it dims the sight It robs a woman of her right

  • 1617: MONGOLIA: Emperor places dealth penalty on using tobacco.(TSW)


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