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  • 1995-11-14: The CRS Report Congressional Research Service releases "Environmental

Tobacco Smoke and Lung Cancer Risk", its official report assessing secondhand smoke dangers and the 1993 EPA report. While repeating industry arguments, authors Rowland and Redhead do not dispute the EPA's conclusions, and emphasize the danger of ETS to children.

  • 1995-11-29: Ex-B&W research executive Jeffrey Wigand testifies to federal and state

prosecutors in Pascagoula, Miss.

  • 1995-12-19: LITIGATION: Massachusettes sues tobacco companies for conspiring to

"mislead, deceive and confuse" citizens on the hazardous effects of smoking.

  • 1996: New Teen Smokers: 1.23 million

  • 1996: SMOKEFREE: TURKEY bans smoking in most enclosed spaces.

  • 1996: BUSINESS: PMI takes a stake in Poland's largest tobacco company, Zaklady

Przemyslu Tytoniowego w Krakowie S.A., and in Brazil's leading chocolate company, Industrias de Chocolate Lacta S.A.

  • 1996: BUSINESS: Richemont and the Rembrandt Group Limited merge their tobacco


  • 1996: IRELAND Bans smoking in cinemas.

  • 1996-01-08: SCOTUS: Supreme Court refuses to hear an ACLU challenge to the city of

North Miami's 1990 ban on hiring smokers. Lower insurance costs outweighed the privacy issue, the Florida Supreme Court had ruled in 1995. The argument was made that three members of the court -- Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas -- could not be hired in North Miami because they smoke. (Kurtz vs. North Miami, No. 95-545)

  • 1996-01-31: LITIGATION: Florida state appeals panel allows Engle suit to proceed, but

limits case to Florida residents.

  • 1996-02: TOBACCO CONTROL: National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids given $30 M

launch. Will incorporate previous group, "Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids," when it begins operation in June, 1996.

  • 1996-02-04: CBS airs Wigand Interview on 60 Minutes. Wigand claims B&W Chief Sandefur

lied when telling Waxman's committed he believed nicotine was not addictive.

  • 1996-02-05: POLITICS: Geoffrey Bible, CEO of Philip Morris Cos. Inc., chairs a dinner

underwritten by Philip Morris for the Republican Governors Association, and speaks to the governors about tobacco's benefits to the economy. The gala dinner pulls in an unprecedented $2.6 million.

  • 1996-02-16: LITIGATION: : Gov. Kirk Fordice (R-Miss.) sues his own attorney general,

Mike Moore, in order to block Moore's "Medicaid" lawsuit.

  • 1996-03-02: Victor Crawford, tobacco lobbyist-turned-tobacco-control-advocate, dies.

  • 1996-03-09: USA: Tobacco BBS registers tobacco.org as its domain name.

  • 1996-03-13: LITIGATION: Liggett Group makes dramatic break with industry, offers to

settle Medicaid and addiction-based lawsuits. .

  • 1996-03-15: LITIGATION: Liggett settles with 5 states over Medicaid lawsuits, agreeing to

pay over $10 million in Medicaid bills for the treatment of smokers.

  • 1996-03-18: FDA releases statements of 3 more tobacco industry insiders (Dr. Ian L. Uydess,

Dr. William A. Farone and Jerome K. Rivers) who claim Philip Morris carefully controls nicotine levels in cigarettes. FDA reopens comment period.

  • 1996-05: SCOTUS: 44 Liquormart v. Rhode Island. Supreme Court strikes down liquor

advertising ban as violating First Amendment

  • 1996-05: MEDIA: The May Vanity Fair contains a massive, 22-page article by Marie Brenner

on the inside story of the CBS/Wigand story. The issue contains no tobacco ads. Michael Mann will use this article to make the movie, "The Insider."

  • 1996-05-15: BUSINESS: Philip Morris and United States Tobacco Co. offer their own plan to

stop youth access, in order to avoid FDA control.. 90

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