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  • 1996-05-20: MEDIA: The May 20, 1996 People Weekly carries 2 tobacco articles, a profile of

Stanton Glantz, and an excerpt from Grisham's The Runaway Jury. The issue contains no tobacco ads..

  • 1996-05-23: LITIGATION: Castano case is de-certified by Appeals Court..

  • 1996-05-31: World No-Tobacco Day. Slogan: Sports and arts without tobacco: Play it


  • 1996-06: CDC adds prevalence of cigarette smoking as a nationally notifiable condition,

bringing to 56 the number of diseases and conditions designated by Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) as reportable by states. This marks the first time a behavior, rather than a disease or illness, has been considered nationally reportable.(LB)

  • 1996-07-19: LITIGATION: Massachusetts becomes the 10th state to sue tobacco companies..

  • 1996-08-09: LITIGATION: FL: Brown & Williamson is ordered to pay the Grady Carters

$750,000 in only the second financial judgement ever in a strictly-tobacco-oriented liability lawsuit. The eventual payment of $1.1 million on March 8, 2001, will be the first time an individual collects payment from the tobacco industry for a tobacco-related illness. Carter Atty: Norwood S. Wilner

  • 1996-08-23: LEGISLATION: President Clinton approves proposed FDA regulations, giving

FDA authority to regulate cigarettes as a "drug delivery device.".

  • 1996-10-17: SCIENCE: Researchers disclose molecular link between a substance in tobacco

tar and lung cancer: a benzo (a) pyrene derivative damages lung cancer-suppressor gene, p53, in the exact "hotspot" associated with lung cancer. Science magazine

  • 1996-12: TRAVEL: St. Louis-based CLIPPER CRUISE LINE bans smoking anywhere on

one of its cruise ships.

  • 1997: STATISTICS: US: Forty-eight million Americans have quit in the 21 years since the

first Smokeout in 1976; 48 million still smoke; about 34 million say they want to quit. Between 1965 and 1990, adult smoking declined from 42 percent to 25 percent. The average age of a first-time smoker is 13. More than 3 million American adolescents smoke cigarettes.

  • 1997: CONSUMPTION: Americans spent an estimated $51.9 billion on tobacco products in

1997, or just under 1% of their disposable income. Of this amount, $48.7 billion (or 94%) was spent on cigarettes, $2.2 billion on smokeless and smoking tobacco, and $0.9 billion on cigars. (CRS)

  • 1997: REGULATION: US Congress passes a bill prohibiting the Departments of State,

Justice and Commerce from promoting the sale or export of tobacco. The bill restricts most of the US Trade Representative (USTR) activities in this area--unless the government determines tobacco companies are the victims of unfair trade practices.

  • 1997: REGULATION: TURKMENISTAN: President bans smoking in public places. Earlier,

President Saparmurat Niyazov underwent heart surgery and quit smoking; he then ordered his ministers to quit also, and instituted the ban.

  • 1997: BUSINESS: PM U.S.A.'s market share tops 50 percent.

  • 1997: BUSINESS: Philip Morris Cos. revenues reach $72 billion; operating companies

income is $11.7 billion.

  • 1997: BUSINESS: China is by far the largest producer of cigarettes in the world; the second

largest producer is the United States. In 1997 China produced an estimated 1.7 trillion pieces, almost two and one half times the 720 billion pieces produced in the United States. The United States is by far the largest cigarette exporting nation in the world, with exports in 1997 estimated about 217 billion pieces, or 21% of the world total. China is the largest consumer market in the world, with over 300 million smokers consuming 1.7 trillion cigarettes in 1997. (CRS)

  • 1997: BUSINESS: Targacept is established as a wholly owned subsidiary of R.J. Reynolds

Tobacco Company. It carries on work RJR has been doing in the 90s: designing, synthesizeing and testing nicotinic compounds for therapeutic uses.


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