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  • 1997-01: UK: FORMULA 1 SCANDAL: Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone donates 1million

to the Labour Party.

  • 1997-03-20: Liggett Tobacco and 22 states settle lawsuits; Liggett admits smoking is

addictive, can cause cancer, and the industry markets cigarettes to teenagers; agrees to turn over documents and to warn on every pack that smoking is addictive.

  • 1997-03-21: Liggett issues statement: "We at Liggett know and acknowledge that, as the

Surgeon General and respected medical researchers have found, cigarette smoking causes health problems, including lung cancer, heart and vascular disease and emphysema. Liggett acknowledges that the tobacco industry markets to 'youth,' which means those under 18 years of age, and not just those 18-24 years of age."

  • 1997-04-18: Attorneys General confirm they are talking with PM and RJR about a Settlement

  • 1997-04-25: LITIGATION: NC Federal judge WILLIAM OSTEEN rules FDA may regulate

tobacco as a drug because nicotine is addictive; strikes down provisions to regulate advertising.

  • 1997-05-01: Tobacco Cos offer a Settlement that would include FDA regulation, money for

anti-smoking campaigns, and bans on vending machines and outdoor advertising.

  • 1997-05-05: Tobacco wins Connor suit. 6-member jury in Raulerson vs. RJ Reynolds

Tobacco, et.al. fails to find RJR guilty of negligence in the lung cancer death of smoker Jean Connor.

  • 1997-05-19: UK: FORMULA 1 SCANDAL: Health Secretary Frank Dobson announces that

Labour plans a complete ban on tobacco advertising and sponsorship in sport.

  • 1997-05-28: Health advocates meet in Chicago to hear of SETTLEMENT Talks.

  • 1997-05-28: ADVERTISING: FTC acuses Joe Camel ad campaign of illegally targeting

underage youth.

  • 1997-05-31: World No-Tobacco Day. Slogan: United for a tobacco-free world

  • 1997-06: BUSINESS: Michael Szymanczyk becomes CEO of Philip Morris USA.

  • 1997-06-02: LITIGATION: NORMA BROIN's airline attendants seconhand smoke trial

begins jury selection in Miami.

  • 1997-06-17: ADVERTISING: RJR Sues FTC over Joe Camel Complaint

  • 1997-06-20: AGs, tobacco companies come to landmark settlement. Agreement provides for

unprecedented restrictions on cigarettes and on tobacco makers' liability in lawsuits. Industry to spend $360 billion over 25 years, mainly on anti-smoking campaigns, use bold health warning on packs, curb advertising and face fines if youth smoking drops insufficiently. Subject to congressional approval.

  • 1997-07-03: LITIGATION: First State Settlement: Tobacco Cos Settle Mississippi Medicaid

lawsuit for $3.6 Billion.

  • 1997-07: Gingrich, Lott and Barbour try to slip $50 Billion tax break for tobacco companies

into balanced-budget bill. Tobacco lobbyist and former Republican National Committee chairman Haley Barbour convinces Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott to slip the huge tax break for tobacco into the bill just before it passes. The measure -- still included in the Budget Bill signed into law by Pres. Clinton Aug. 4, allows the tobacco industry to credit $50 billion in taxes from a 15-cent cigarette tax increase against what they would pay in the 1997 proposed $368.5 billion settlement. When Senators Richard Durbin and Susan Collins expose the effort in September, it is removed in the Senate (95-3) and House (unanimously). That Wednesday night, Sept. 17, GOP members of Congress board a UST jet to attend a tobacco industry fundraiser in New York City. Clinton signs the retraction into law Nov. 13, 1997. Public Citizen Report, "Burning Down the Houses: Big Tobacco's 1997 Congressional Lobbying": http://www.citizen.org/congress/civjus/prod_liability/tobacco/articles.cfm?ID=908

  • 1997-07-09: RJR kills JOE CAMEL campaign, replaces Joe with darker, sexier "What You're

Looking For."

  • 1997-07-21: LITIGATION: BROIN: For the first time ever, a tobacco co. executive,

LIGGETT CEO BENNETT LEBOW, testifies that cigarettes cause cancer.


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