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  • 1997-08-09: REGULATION: Clinton signs Executive Order 13058 mandating smokefree

government workplaces. The order states that tobacco use is to be prohibited from all government-owned, rented or leased interior spaces or in exterior spaces near air intake ducts. The order also prohibits smoking in all recreational buildings and clubs aboard military installations. See https://osiris.cso.uiuc.edu/denix/Public/Legislation/EO/note63.html

  • 1997-08-22: LITIGATION: In a video deposition, PM CEO Geoffrey Bible says smoking

"might have" killed 100,000 people; RJR CEO Steven Goldstone links smoking with cancer the next day.

  • 1997-08-25: LITIGATION: Tobacco Cos Settle Florida Medicaid lawsuit for $11.3 Billion.

  • 1997-09-17: REGULATION: President Clinton refuses to endorse the proposed tobacco

settlement, instead suggesting Congress work on sweeping legislation that first and foremost reduces teen smoking; second, gives FDA control of nicotine; third, penalizes the industry if teen smoking doesn't go down. "The tobacco bailout deal is dead," said Minnesota AG Hubert Humphrey III, "This gives us a new chance to move forward and do the right thing."

  • 1997-09: Former Asbestos company RAYMARK sues tobacco.

  • 1997-10-10: Tobacco Industry Settles BROIN--First-ever Secondhand Smoke Trial--for $350


  • 1997-10-16: UK: FORMULA 1 SCANDAL: Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone, who

previously had given Labour a one million pound donation, visits 10 Downing Street. The next day Tony Blair seeks an exemption for Formula One from the UK's upcoming tobacco ban.

  • 1997-10-17: BARNES Suit--First of the "Little Castano" suits--is thrown out by Pennsylvania

judge; Gives impetus to national settlement movemement.

  • 1997-10-23: Philip Morris Announces "Accord" Smoking System

  • 1997-11-04: UK: FORMULA 1 SCANDAL: It is disclosed that Health Minister Tessa Jowell

has written to the European Union asking for motor-racing to be exempted from a EU-wide ban on tobacco advertising in sport. The "U-Turn" becomes the Labour party's first major scandal when it is found that Ms. Jowell's husband had been a non-executive director for an F1 company, and that Labour received a $1.7 million donation from Bernie Ecclestone in January.

  • 1997-11-07: UK: FORMULA 1 SCANDAL: Tony Blair and Gordon Brown discuss the

Ecclestone affair and decide that Labour should write a letter to the Neill Committee on Standards in Public Life seeking advice on whether they should accept a second donation from the tycoon.

  • 1997-11-10: UK: FORMULA 1 SCANDAL: In a live interview with BBC Radio 4's Today

programme, Brown denies any knowledge of the Ecclestone donation. Sir Patrick responds to Labour's letter and says it would be sensible both to hand back the original 1million donation and not to accept the second gift.

  • 1997-11-16: UK: FORMULA 1 SCANDAL: In a TV interview , Blair claims Labour had

turned down second Ecclestone donation 'before any journalist had been in touch'.

  • 1997-12-05: EUROPE: European Union Health Ministers vote to phase out tobacco


  • 1997-12-01: LIGGETT begins listing the Ingredients of its cigarettes on cartons, beginning

with the 26 ingredients of its L&M brand.

  • 1997-12-18: Rep. Tom Bliley (R-VA) posts 843 sensitive Liggett documents on House

Commerce Committee website.

  • 1997-12-20: AP reporter Todd Lewan breaks story of "fumo louco," a high-nicotine variety of

tobacco (Y-1) being developed by BAT in Brazil.

  • 1997-12-30: LITIGATION: Lorillard Tobacco Co. pays over $1.5 million to the family of

Milton Horowitz, the first time a U.S. cigarette maker has ever paid a smoking-related personal injury claim.

  • 1997-12-31: LITIGATION: Asbestos fund Manville Personal Injury Settlement Trust

announces that it has filed a lawsuit against 7 tobacco companies, asking they pay their "fair share."


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