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  • 1998-04-08: SETTLEMENT: Tobacco Walks Away. "> RJR's Steven Goldstone declares

settlement negotiations "dead," and vows to take tobacco's case to the public. UST, PM, B&W follow.

  • 1998-04-22: 39,000 super-secret documents are posted on the House Commerce committe

web site

  • 1998-04-27: 24th Report of the Surgeon General on Smoking and Health:Tobacco Use Among

    • U.

      S. Racial/Ethnic Minority Groups

  • 1998-05-02: LITIGATION: NEW YORK: A New York State Judge places The TOBACCO

INSTITUTE and the COUNCIL FOR TOBACCO RESEARCH under temporary receivership, in response to a state suit charging the organizations abused their tax-exempt status under New York law, where they were incorporated, by acting as tobacco -funded "fronts" that serve "as propaganda arms of the industry."

  • 1998-05-07: LITIGATION: MINNESOTA: Tobacco Trial's last day; 6 tobacco lawyers give

closing arguments; Ciresi was due to argue the next day.

  • 1998-05-08: LITIGATION: MINNESOTA: Tobacco makes $6.1B settlement with Minnesota

and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. In addition to the monetary penalties, the state's tobacco settlement results in the strongest ban in the nation against marketing cigarettes to children, disclosure of millions of pages of secret tobacco documents, closure of the tobacco research and propaganda arm (the Council for Tobacco Research) and bans on tobacco branded merchandise and secret payments for using cigarettes in movies.

  • 1998-05-27: LITIGATION: WYNN: Alabama Circuit Judge William Wynn, files suit seeking

to revoke the charters of the nation's five major cigarette companies. Wynn called for the criminal enforcement of tobacco companies' misdemeanors, and upon finding that the companies have broken the law, that the state should revoke the companies' charters to do business in Alabama.

  • 1998-05-31: World No-Tobacco Day. Slogan: Growing up without tobacco

  • 1998-06-10: LITIGATION: WIDDICK Trial: Largest damages in tobacco litigation history

are awarded. Jury finds for Widdick, orders B&W to pay almost $1 million. This is Norwood S. Wilner's 2nd win against B&W.

  • 1998-06-17: LEGISLATION: On a procedural vote, Republicans in the US Senate kill the

McCain tobacco bill, meant to curb teen smoking.

  • 1998-06-22: LITIGATION: CARTER OVERTURNED. Florida's 1st District Court of Appeal

votes 3-0 to overturn the Carter decision, ruling it had been filed a week too late.

  • 1998-07-17: LITIGATION: Federal Judge overturns 1993 EPA secondhand smoke report;

vacates six chapters and the appendices. Judge William L. Osteen of the Middle District of North Carolina rules that the EPA violated the Radon Act requirements, chiefly by not having a tobacco-industry representative on an advisory committee during the report process. Here's the decision

  • 1998-08: TRAVEL: RENAISSANCE CRUISES claims the distinction of launching the

world's first smoke-free ship: the "R1," in which only crew may smoke--in a room off limits to passengers. It tours the Mediterranean.

  • 1998-08-13: LITIGATION: WIDDICK: A Florida appeals court rules that the Widdick trial

was held in the wrong county.

  • 1998-08-14: LITIGATION: 4th Circuit Court of Appeals overturns the 4/25/97 Osteen ruling,

throws out FDA regulations. Here's the decision

  • 1998-10-19: LITIGATION: BROWN v. PHILIP MORRIS, et. al. filed. The national civil

rights class action lawsuit on behalf of African American smokers of mentholated cigarette brands was filed in Federal District Court in Philadelphia, PA.

  • 1998-11-16: SETTLEMENT: An agreement is announced between state attorneys general and

tobacco companies to settle lawsuits.

  • 1998-11-23: AG SETTLEMENT: Attorneys General of 46 states and 5 territories sign

agreement with tobacco companies to settle lawsuits. Here is the Smokeless Tobacco Settlement


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