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  • 1999-07-07: LITIGATION: ENGLE jurors rule that smoking causes diseases such as lung

cancer and that U.S. cigarette makers hid the dangers of their products from the public.

  • 1999-09-22: LITIGATION: DOJ: US Justice Department sues the tobacco industry under the

racketeering and health care recovery laws (1) a Medical Care Recovery Act claim, which allows the United States to recoup money it spent on treating Medicare or military patients injured by a third party, and 2) a civil RICO claim that accuses cigarette-makers of a "coordinated campaign of fraud and deceit.") In the same press release, the DOJ indicates its 5- year criminal investigation of the industry has been dropped.

  • 1999-10: WHO's first Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Working Group meets.

  • 1999-10-06: BUSINESS: Tabacalera and Seita announce plans to join forces. The new

combined company will be known as Altadis.

  • 1999-10-13: BUSINESS: Philip Morris launches website; for first time, acknowledges

scientific consensus on smoking. "There is an overwhelming medical and scientific consensus that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and other serious diseases in smokers,'' its website, http://www.philipmorris.com, states. ``there is no safe cigarette . . . cigarette smoking is addictive, as that term is most commonly used today.'' In 2003, William Ohlemeyer, noting the occasion, said the admission "meant we were becoming less literal in our view of the effects of tobacco."

  • 1999-10-20: LITIGATION: ENGLE: 3rd District Court of Appeal clears the way for a lump-

sum, punitive damage decision in the Penalty Phase.

  • 1999-11: BUSINESS: Philip Morris begins $100 Million ad campaign touting its charitable


  • 1999-11-12: LOBBYING: New York Lobbying Commission hits Philip Morris with the

largest fine in commission history, $75,000; forbids PM's chief Albany representative Sharon Portnoy from lobbying in New York state for three years.

  • 1999-12-01: SCOTUS: Supreme Court hears FDA arguments.

  • 1999-12-07: REGULATION: Defense Secretary William Cohen issues a policy letter granting

a three-year grace period for all Morale, Welfare and Recreational facilities to comply with new no-smoking rules.

  • 1999-12-08: LITIGATION: FRANCE: SEITA is found partly responsible for the death of

smoker Richard Gourlain. This is the first time a tobacco company has been held responsible in a health liability case in France.

  • 1999-12-10: BUSINESS: Altadis shares begin trading on Paris and Madrid exchanges.

  • 1999-12-22: LITIGATION: CANADA: Canada sues 3 manufacturers over smuggling issues

in a NY court (Attorney General of Canada v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Holdings Inc.).

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