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application back to the top, tap its icon in the application

switcher. If you tap

, the current application or application

window closes. To close an application, you can also select Close from the application menu, press the escape key for a second, or tap the close button in the application switcher menu.

Application area

When you open an application from the task navigator, the application is displayed in the application area (5). If there are currently no open applications, the device home view is displayed.


The toolbar (6) contains the command buttons of the active application.

Home view

When you switch on the device, the home view is displayed. The home view offers you quick and easy access to such product features as clock, internet radio, internet search, RSS feed reader, speed contacts, web shortcut, tutorial and promotion applets.

For more information on the available applets, see the device help.

To show available applets on the home view, select Select applets... and the desired applets from the list.


To rearrange the applets in the home view, drag them with the stylus to the desired new positions. You can also resize some applets by dragging from the handle on the applet.

To access context-sensitive menu for an applet, hold the stylus down on the desired applet. Depending on the applet, you can define applet settings or close the applet using the context-sensitive menu commands.

To set the background image for the home view, select

  • >

    Set background image....

To modify the look and feel of your device, select Set theme....


To calibrate the touch screen, select


Calibrate screen, and follow the instructions on the


Device control

You can control the device in several different ways: tap the screen with the stylus or fingers; or press the scroll key and other hardware keys on the device. For more information on touch screen and hardware key interaction,

Your device


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