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see the device help named after your product, for example, ‘Nokia N800 Internet Tablet’.

Text input methods

You can enter letters, numbers, and special characters in several different ways. The virtual keyboards allow you to tap characters with the stylus or your fingers. Handwriting recognition allows you to write characters directly onto the screen using the stylus as a pen.

You can also pair an external hardware keyboard with your internet tablet using Bluetooth technology; or use the integrated keyboard on some Nokia internet tablet products.

To be able to enter text with an on-screen keyboard, full-screen finger keyboard, or handwriting recognition method, you must check that these features have been activated.

Depending on the product model, the procedure for defining text input settings can vary:

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet—Tap

and select

Settings > Control panel. In Control panel, select

Text input settings > General. Nokia N810 Internet Tablet—Tap

and select

Settings > Control panel. In Control panel, select Text input settings > On-screen.

Once you have activated the text input methods, tap any text field. The text input area appears on the touch screen and displays one of the keyboards or the handwriting recognition area, depending on the previously used text input method.

Your device can complete words based on the built-in dictionary for the selected text input language. The device also learns new words from your input.

Integrated keyboard

Some Nokia internet tablet products may have an integrated keyboard. When the integrated keyboard is in use, the on-screen text input methods are disabled.

To enter text, press the keys on the keyboard. To put the caps lock on, press the shift key twice.

To enter numbers, additional characters and common symbols, press [Fn] and the desired character key. To lock the [Fn] key, press it twice.

To enter accented letters, hold down [Chr], and press a letter key repeatedly until the desired accented character appears. To preview all special characters available, press [Chr] briefly.

The integrated keyboard allows you to use global keyboard shortcuts, as well as shortcuts for application specific tasks. For example, to copy selected content, press

Your device


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