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[Ctrl]+[C]; and to close the currently open application, press [Ctrl]+[Q]. For more shortcuts, see the device help for text input methods and integrated keyboard.

Full-screen finger keyboard

To begin text input with the finger keyboard, tap the text input field with your fingers. The finger keyboard opens in the full screen mode.

When using the finger keyboard, use only clean hands and regularly clean the touch screen by wiping the screen gently with a dry, soft cloth.

The finger keyboard displays buttons and functions similar to the other text input methods; however, not all of the special characters are available.

To close the finger keyboard, tap corner of the keyboard.

in the upper right

On-screen keyboard


  • Adds a tabulator space or moves the cursor to the

next available text input field. 2 [Caps]—Locks the uppercase characters of the keyboard. In the handwriting recognition mode, switches between the normal and special character recognition modes. —Allows you to enter an uppercase character in the on-screen keyboard mode when you write in lowercase. When you tap this key in the handwriting recognition mode, the last lowercase character switches to uppercase, and vice versa. —Opens the text input menu, which includes commands such as Copy, Cut, and Paste. You can also access the text input settings from the text input menu. 5 On-screen keyboard. 6 Space bar—Inserts a space. This area also shows word completion. 7 Numeric keyboard—When you press the shift key, the 3 4

most common special characters are displayed in this area.

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