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Nokia N810 Internet Tablet—Your device has an external memory card slot under the desk stand on the front right corner of the device. Your device also includes a non- removable internal memory card. You can view the content of the internal memory card in Utilities > File manager.

The supported memory card formats are as follows:

miniSD card microSD card (with adapter)

You can insert and remove a memory card when the internet tablet is switched on (hot swap feature), if the memory card is not being used by an application.

Nokia internet tablets do not support the write protection feature of SD cards.

Use only compatible MultiMediaCards (MMC), Reduced Size MultiMediaCards, SD cards, microSD cards, or miniSD cards approved by Nokia for use with this device. Nokia uses approved industry standards for memory cards, but some brands may not be fully compatible with this device. Incompatible cards may damage the card and the device and corrupt data stored on the card.

You can only use FAT 16/32 formatted compatible memory cards with Nokia internet tablets.

To view and manage the contents of a memory card, tap , select Utilities > File manager and the desired memory card from the folder list.

To rename a memory card in file manager, select File > Rename....


To format a memory card in file manager, select


Tools > Format memory card.... All data is permanently

deleted from the memory card.

Back up and restore data

You can back up data to a compatible external or internal memory card and restore it, if necessary. The backup appears as a folder on the memory card. You can also secure the backup with a password.

To back up data, do the following:

1. Tap

, and select Settings > Backup/Restore >

New backup.

  • 2.

    In New backup, change the name of the backup and define the desired location of the backup.

  • 3.

    In Select data for backup, select data types you want to back up.

To protect the backup with a password, select Protect with password > OK, enter twice the password you want to use, and select OK.

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