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Internet connections

Your device allows you to access the internet either through a wireless network (WLAN/Wi-Fi) or a mobile phone that supports Bluetooth wireless technology.

Connectivity settings

To edit and create internet connections, and to adjust

connection creation logic, tap

, and select Settings >

Control panel. In Control panel, select Connectivity.

On the General page, define the following:

Connect automatically—Select which connections are used automatically. This setting applies only to networks and connections you have saved in your device.

Search interval—Define how often connections are searched in the background.

On the Idle times page, select the time after which the internet connection ends automatically if the connection is not used. Use Packet data idle time for packet-switched data connections (such as GPRS), Data call idle time for circuit-switched data calls (such as GSM data calls), and WLAN idle time for connections created through a WLAN access point.

Note: Time-based charges may apply to the internet connections. Check with your service provider, and adjust the idle times accordingly.

Note: The network may also have idle timers that may cause the internet connection to break, regardless of the idle timers of the device.

WLAN connection

When you access an application that requires an internet connection, the device uses the wireless network connections (WLAN/Wi-Fi) you have saved by default. If you have not saved any connections, or they are unavailable, you are asked to select the connection (internet access point) to use. You can save the network after selecting it from the list. However, if your network name is set as hidden, you must configure the settings manually.

To set up a wireless network connection manually, tap and select Settings > Control panel. In Control panel,


select Connectivity > Connections > New. The connection

setup wizard opens. Select Next to proceed.

Internet connections


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