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1. In Connection setup: Name and type, define the following:

Connection name—Enter a descriptive name for the connection.

Connection type:—Select WLAN (wireless local area network).

Select Next to proceed.

2. The device asks whether you want to scan for available WLAN networks. Select Yes to start the scan, or No to skip it.

If you select Yes, all available WLAN networks are shown with information about each WLAN connection:

Name of the WLAN network

if the WLAN network is already defined for an internet connection setup that you have saved in the device WLAN signal strength Security level of the WLAN connection:

  • No security (for example, a public access point in

an airport)

  • Medium security (wired equivalent privacy WEP


  • High security (Wi-Fi protected access WPA

authentication, including WPA1 and WPA2)

The security level of the network affects the settings that are shown when you select Next.

Select the desired connection and Next to proceed.

If you select No to skip the scan for WLAN networks, the following settings are shown:

Network name (SSID)—Enter the name of the WLAN network. If you create an ad hoc network, ensure that the name of the network is unique. When you connect to the internet over WLAN, the connection is based on this information. If the field is dimmed and cannot be edited, the scanned SSID contains characters entered in an unknown character set, and not standard character sets (UTF-8) as the device expects.

Network is hidden—You must select this option if the name of your WLAN network is hidden. When this option is selected, your device actively searches for the hidden WLAN when you establish an internet connection.

Network mode—Select Infrastructure or Ad hoc. The infrastructure mode is used with the internet connections.

Security method—Select None (no security), WEP (medium security), WPA pre-shared key (high security), or WPA with EAP (high security).

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