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Manually create connection

To set up a cellular connection manually, tap


select Settings > Control panel. In Control panel, select Connectivity > Connections > New. The connection setup

wizard opens. Select Next to proceed.

1. In Connection setup: Name and type, define the following settings:

Connection name—Enter a descriptive name for the connection.

Connection type:—Select the type of the network over which you want to access the internet.

To use a packet-switched data service in a cellular network, such as GPRS (network service), select Packet data.

To use a circuit-switched data service in a cellular network, such as HSCSD (high-speed circuit-switched data; network service), select Data call.

Select Next to proceed.

2. Your device detects the cellular network type of your phone automatically when you pair the phone with your device. However, if you have not paired a mobile phone with your device, in Select mobile network type, select the type of network over which the internet connection takes place, and select Next to proceed.

3. In the connection setup dialog, define the following settings:

Access point name—Enter the name of the internet access point. Obtain the name from your internet service provider. This setting is only shown if you selected packet-switched data connection (such as GPRS) and your phone uses a GSM cellular network.

Dial-up number—Enter the modem telephone number of the internet access point.

User name—Enter a user name, if required. The user name is usually provided by the internet service provider.

Password—Enter a password, if required. The password is usually provided by the internet service provider.

Prompt password at every login—Select this option if you want to enter your password every time you log on to an internet server, or if you do not want to save your password in the device.

Tip: It is common in GPRS packet data networks that the access point name is internet or it is left blank, the dial-up number is *99#, and the user name and password may be left blank. For CDMA packet data network settings, contact your service provider.

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