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Browse the web

To open the web browser, tap

, and select

Open new browser window or a bookmark.

Before you can connect to the internet, you must define the proper internet connection settings. For detailed instructions, see ‘Connectivity settings’, p. 19.

Important: Use only services that you trust and that offer adequate security and protection against harmful software.

Open and browse web pages

To open a web page, tap the address field at the bottom of

the screen, enter the address, and tap

; or select a

bookmark; or activate a link on a web page.

If you saved a bookmark of a web page that you want to

visit, tap

, and select the desired bookmark.

To reload the page, tap and hold the stylus down on until a context-sensitive menu appears, and select Reload.

To stop loading the page, tap


To browse and scroll a web page, drag a page in the desired direction with the stylus, use the scroll keys, or drag the scroll bars on the right side and bottom of the screen.

To browse recently visited pages, tap



A cache is a memory location that is used to store data temporarily. If you have tried to access or have accessed confidential information requiring passwords, empty the cache after each use. The information or services you have

accessed are stored in the cache. To empty the cache,


  • >

    Tools > Clear > Cache.

To view the web page in full screen size, press the full-screen key. To return to normal view, press the full-screen key again.

To zoom a page, press the zoom keys or tap Zoom and the desired zoom level.

, and select

Web pages may be wider than the browser window. To

reduce the need for horizontal scrolling, tap Fit width to view.

, and select

To change the web browser settings, select

  • >

    Tools >

Settings.... For more information, see the device help.

To create a bookmark for the current web page, tap the toolbar, and select Add bookmark....


To save a link as a bookmark, hold the stylus down on the link for a second, and select Add link to Bookmarks....

Browse the web


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