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Internet communication

To communicate over the internet, you must have an active network connection and registered user accounts and passwords for internet call, instant messaging, and e-mail services with service providers outside Nokia.

You can have multiple accounts for internet call and instant messaging services.

It is recommended to use wireless network connection (WLAN/Wi-Fi) for internet calls.


To access the account setup wizard, tap

, and select

Settings > Control panel. In Control panel, select Accounts > New.

To complete and save the account settings, define the following:

1. Account setup: Welcome—Select Next to begin the account setup.

2. Account setup: Service—Select the desired service from the list and Next.

3. Account setup: Select—You are asked to confirm whether you want to start using an existing Jabber,

Google Talk, or SIP account with this device, or create a new account. If you select to create a new Jabber or Google Talk account, you need an active internet connection.

If you selected to create a new Google Talk account, select Next to open a web page where a new account can be created. After you have successfully created the new account, return to the wizard.

If you selected to create a new Jabber account, Account setup: User name opens. Define a user name, server, and password. Keep the Use for PSTN calls setting checked if you want to use the SIP account to call mobile and fixed PSTN numbers. To define advanced account settings, select Advanced. After you have successfully created the new account, return to the wizard.

Select Next.

4. Account setup: Details—Enter a descriptive account name and nickname. This name is also used as the smart group name in contacts. To change the account avatar image, select Browse.

Entering information in this step is optional. Select Next to continue with the wizard.

Internet communication


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