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To manage contact information and start communications

with your contacts, tap

, and select View Contacts.

The main view of the contacts application displays contact information in two panes: the left pane lists available groups, and the right pane shows the contacts in the selected group and their presence status.

To add a contact, select

  • >

    Contact > New contact....

To group contacts, drag them into the desired groups. You can assign a contact to many groups, and a group can

contain many contacts.

To create a new group of contacts, select New group....

  • >

    Group >

To search for a contact, tap

in the lower right corner of

the screen. Enter the search words.

To be able to communicate with a contact, you must define account settings for the internet call and instant messaging services. For more information, see ‘Accounts’, p. 27.

Before you can start to communicate with your contacts, you need to send an authorisation request or response. An authorisation request is normally sent automatically when you add a new contact. When a recipient receives an authorisation request and accepts it, you can see the

recipient’s presence status and can start communication. When you remove a contact from your address book, the authorisation is also removed.

To get in contact, select a contact from the list and, in the contact dialog, tap an available channel for communication:

to call the contact, to chat with the contact, and to send an e-mail message to the contact.

Instant messaging

This application allows you to chat with people over the internet. To use this feature, you must have an active network connection, a registered instant messaging account with a service provider, and a presence status that allows sending and receiving messages.

To access Instant messaging, tap

, and select

New chat. If you have not defined an account, you are requested to do so. Follow the instructions on the screen

to complete and save the account setting.

To start instant messaging, select a contact from the list,

and tap


To enter a chat room, select

  • >

    Chat >

Enter chat room.... In Enter chat room, enter the name of

Internet communication


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