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Incoming server—Enter the host name or IP address of the POP3 or IMAP4 server that receives your e-mail.

Outgoing server (SMTP)—Enter the host name or IP address of the server through which your e-mail is sent. Tap Next.

Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) servers are used when sending e-mail. To be able to send e-mail, you must define the SMTP host name or IP address, which you obtain from the service provider of the connection you use.

Use connection-specific SMTP servers:—Select this option if you want to use connection specific SMTP servers for sending e-mail messages.

Tip: The SMTP host name or IP address may be different from the host name or IP address of the incoming server (POP3 or IMAP4). For example, when you access your internet service provider e-mail over a cellular network, you may need to utilize the SMTP server of the cellular network. Thus, you may need to configure as many mailboxes as you have internet access networks, each mailbox having a different SMTP host name or IP address.

SMTP servers:—Select this option and Configure if you want to configure connection specific servers. Tap Next.

5. In E-mail account setup 4/4, tap Advanced to define optional e-mail settings, or tap Finish to complete the mailbox setup.

It is very common that you need to modify the advanced settings. For more information, see the device help.

Retrieve and read e-mail messages

E-mail messages sent to you are not automatically received by your device, but by your remote mailbox on the e-mail server. To read your e-mail messages, you must first connect to the mailbox and retrieve the messages.

To retrieve e-mail messages from a remote mailbox, select E-mail > Message > Send & receive, or tap in the toolbar. This option retrieves messages from all accounts

set for the device.

If you want to receive messages only from a specific account, in the application main view, hold the stylus on


for a second, and select the desired account.

If you have e-mail messages in the Outbox folder, these messages are sent simultaneously.

To retrieve the contents of a selected message, tap the message header. You can set the device to only download message headers. If the mailbox type is IMAP4, you can

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