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Include original in reply—Select this option to include the original message when replying to a message.

Request read receipt—Select this option to receive a notification after the recipient opens your message. You can only receive a notification if the recipient’s e-mail application supports this feature.

Clean-up page

Clean-up Sent folder—Define here whether you want the sent folder to be emptied or not.

Remove messages older than—Define here the clean-up interval. The default value is 30 days.

Define advanced settings

Select E-mail > Accounts > Manage.... Select the account you wish to edit, proceed to the last page, and tap Advanced after you have finished defining your basic e-mail account settings. The advanced settings dialog allows you to set incoming, outgoing, and other options for your e-mail account.

Please contact your service provider for appropriate settings.

Incoming page

Retrieve—Specify what is retrieved from the mailbox on the e-mail server when the connection is established. Messages is only available if the mailbox type is IMAP4.

Leave messages on server—Select this option if you want to leave messages on the server after you retrieve them to your device. This option is only available if the mailbox type is POP3.

No. of messages to retrieve—Define the number of new message headers you want to display in the inbox folder. If you retrieve new headers and the total amount of headers in the inbox folder exceeds this limit, the older headers are removed. This option is only available if the mailbox type is IMAP4.

Password authentication—Select this option to encrypt the sending of passwords to an e-mail server. This option is only available if the mailbox type is POP3. This option is automatically set to Normal if the account type is IMAP4.

Security—Specify a security setting for the server connection for incoming e-mail messages.

Incoming e-mail port—Enter the port number of the incoming e-mail server. Normally you do not have to change the default value.

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