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The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio navigation system that includes 24 satellites and their ground stations that monitor the operation of the satellites.

A GPS terminal, such as the internal GPS receiver in Nokia N810 Internet Tablet products, receives low-power radio signals from the satellites, and measures the travel time of the signals. From the travel time, the GPS receiver can calculate its location to the accuracy of metres.

The coordinates in the GPS are expressed in degrees and decimal degrees formats using the international WGS-84 coordinate system.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is operated by the government of the United States, which is solely responsible for its accuracy and maintenance. The accuracy of location data can be affected by adjustments to GPS satellites made by the United States government and is subject to change with the United States Department of Defense civil GPS policy and the Federal Radionavigation Plan. Accuracy can also be affected by poor satellite geometry. Availability and quality of GPS signals may be affected by your location, buildings, natural obstacles, and weather conditions. The GPS receiver should only be used outdoors to allow reception of GPS signals.

GPS should only be used as a navigation aid. It should not be used for precise location measurement and you should never rely solely on location data from the GPS receiver for positioning or navigation.

GPS receiver

The procedure for using a GPS receiver with your internet tablet may vary according to the product model:

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet—You must use an external GPS receiver with your device. Pair a compatible GPS receiver with your device using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Nokia N810 Internet TabletYour device has an internal GPS receiver. The GPS receiver is located in the upper left corner of the device. When using the receiver, hold the device upright in your hand or in the mobile holder; or place the device on the table using the desk stand. Make also sure that your device has a clear view of the sky.



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