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Nokia N810 Internet Tablet—Local maps are pre-installed on your device.

compass information and GPS signal status, tap toolbar.

on the

The map coverage and level of details on the map vary by region.

When you open the map application, the map view is displayed. If you have not selected an active map region, a list of available map regions is opened.

For each point of interest or any location on the map, you can open a context-sensitive menu that has different functions depending on the type of object. To open the context-sensitive menu, hold the stylus or your finger down on the selected object until the menu opens.

To browse a map, pan it with the stylus, or tap [+] and [-] icons on the screen to zoom in and out.

Select and download maps

You can also activate the zoom mode from the application toolbar. Tap to zoom by drawing a square around the desired section of the map. To zoom in, draw from left to

To select the active map, open the application menu and select Maps. A dialog opens and displays two pages of information:

right. To zoom out, draw from right to left.

When your GPS receiver has found satellite signals, your current location is calculated and shown on the map. The availability of location information is shown on the display

with a coloured GPS icon. indicates that the position is available;

that the

position is inaccurate or the GPS signal is not available; that there is no GPS connection.

Maps in device page lists all maps currently stored on your device.

Available maps page allows you to download additional map regions. To update the list of all available maps on the server, select Update.

Additional maps on the server are free of charge. For information on potential data transmission charges, contact your service provider.

Your current location is indicated on the map with a cursor. When you browse the map, you can always zoom

Find locations

into your current location by tapping

on the toolbar.

To find addresses, cities, suburban areas, and services

on the toolbar.

The red and white compass needle shows the orientation of the map which faces north by default. To view detailed

stored in the map database, tap



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