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decreases to save power and how soon the display is turned off.

GPS location—Configure items related to GPS functionality, and view the details of your current location.

Language and region—Select your region and device language.

Memory—View the memory status of the device and the inserted memory card.

Panels—Modify the content of the task navigator area, and

rearrange the contents of the application menu (


Phone—Pair and select a phone that is used for internet connections.

Presence—Select your presence status, and set the auto- away period.

Screen calibration—Calibrate the touch screen.

Sounds—Set the master volume, or mute all device sounds. Select the level of system alerts, key sounds, and touch screen sounds.

Text input settings—Select keyboard layout, and set default and alternative text input languages. Enable or disable stylus input methods, full-screen finger keyboard, and handwriting case correction. Set character recognition speed.

Themes—Modify the look and feel of your device.

To open an applet, highlight and activate it. For more information on individual applets, see the device help.

Restore original settings

To restore original factory settings, select

  • >

    Tools >

Restore original settings.... This function does not affect the content you have created, security codes, passwords, the device language, or game scores. Also, it does not affect the contents of the internal non-removable memory

card in your Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. However, it removes, for example, account user names defined for instant messaging and internet calls.

Clear device data

To clear all data from the device, select

  • >

    Tools >

Clear device.... This function removes all data from the

internal non-removable memory card in your Nokia N810

Internet Tablet. It does not affect the applets you have installed.

Install connection settings

To install connection settings from the mobile operator

database, select

  • >

    Tools >

Mobile operator setup wizard....



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