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PC connectivity

You can connect your device to a compatible PC with the supplied Nokia connectivity cable (USB). Use the USB cable to transfer files to a compatible memory card and to update the latest software on your device.

When the USB cable is connected, a memory card in your Nokia internet tablet is listed as a mass storage device on your PC, and is displayed on your internet tablet. To be able to transfer files from the PC to the device, you must

have a compatible memory card installed in the device.

When the USB cable is connected, you cannot access the information on the memory card with your internet tablet. However, you can transfer files from your PC to the memory card, and view the contents of the memory card on your PC.

Important: Do not remove the USB cable in the middle of an operation when the device is being accessed. Removing the cable in the middle of an operation may damage the memory card as well as the device, and data stored may be corrupted. When you are finished with file transfer, do not just pull the USB cable from the PC, but follow the proper procedures to disconnect your device from the PC. For more information, see the user guide of your PC.

Software update

To be able to update the software on your internet tablet, you must first install the Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard on your compatible PC. You must also have the USB cable and a fully charged battery for your device.

For more information on the software update, check www.nokia.com/support.

Tip: To check the version number of the current software on your device, tap , and select Settings > Control panel. In Control panel,

select About product.

PC connectivity


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