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Task navigator

The task navigator (1) includes icons that you can tap to open new applications and switch between running applications.

To select an option in a menu, tap it. To close the menu, tap another area of the screen.

The task navigator contains the following items by default. To change the items, tap and select Settings > Control panel. In Control panel, select Panels. For more

information, see the device help.

First item: Web browser—Tap

to access internet

functions such as new browser windows and bookmarks.

Second item: Contacts—Tap

to view your contacts,

access your e-mail, make internet calls, and send chat messages.

Third item: Application menu—Tap

for access to all

installed applications. To change the structure of the menu, select Settings > Control panel. In Control panel,

select Panels.

Application switcher—The application switcher (7) contains the icons of currently open applications. The icons of the three most recently launched applications are shown on the application switcher. If several instances of an application are open (for example, multiple web

browser windows), the group has one application icon. To

see all running applications, tap


To change to an application, tap the respective icon in the application switcher. If you hold the stylus down on an icon, a tool tip is shown.

When you receive new e-mail or chat messages, authorisation requests and responses, or group chat invitations, the icons on the application switcher blink to indicate these events.

Leaving applications running in the background increases the demand on battery power and reduces the battery life.

Application title area

The application title area (2) displays the name of the

active application and the open file. To open the

application menu, tap

, or press the menu key.

Status indicator area

Tap the icons in the status indicator area to get more information or perform tasks related to a specific function.

To change the icons in the status indicator area, tap and select Settings > Control panel. In Control panel, select Panels > Status bar.

The status indicator area (3) may contain the following icons:

Your device


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