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on the testimony of Gretchen Timmel and Dr. Trainor to support their position.  I find that the evidence and testimony the parents rely on shows that Ryan has difficulty with reading, spelling and writing, and is perhaps having some difficulty emotionally.  Nonetheless, for the reasons outlined below, the evidence is not convincing that Medford’s proposed IEP fails to offer a FAPE to Ryan.

In comparing the scores Ryan received on the tests conducted by Dr. Castelo and Dr. Seligsohn, it is apparent that Ryan’s scores decreased in some areas and increased in others, and Parents focused on the decrease in GORT scores. While testimony from Dr. Seligsohn might have provided support for her conclusion that Ryan was not making effective progress, she did not testify at the Hearing.

To the contrary, Ms. Finn, Medford’s speech and language supervisor, testified that the GORT test is one in which the student reads out loud instead of silently.  Ms. Finn testified that the prevailing view is that a student who has word finding difficulties should not be given the GORT test because the GORT is given orally.  The studies show that word finding difficulties come to the forefront when one is trying to read out loud.  Therefore, a student such as Ryan, should be administered a test that allows the student to read silently.  Ms. Finn testified that studies have shown that when students with word finding difficulties read silently, their comprehension and their reading rate is much greater.  Without any testimony from Dr. Seligsohn, Ms. Finn’s testimony is uncontradicted.

I also did not have the benefit of Dr. Castelo’s testimony to further explain the results of Ryan’s testing in October of 2008.  Furthermore, neither Dr. Castelo nor Dr. Seligsohn included any information in their reports from any of Ryan’s teachers or staff at Medford.  The testimony and exhibits reveal that Medford staff did complete some questionnaires at Dr. Seligsohn’s request.  Dr. Seligsohn, however, did not incorporate any of this information in her report.  Moreover, she could not be questioned about any information she gathered and/or why she did not incorporate it into her report because she did not testify.

Gretchen Timmel did testify on behalf of the parents.  Ms. Timmel is an educational consultant and liaison for the Psychology Assessment Center at MGH.  She works with Drs. Castelo and Seligsohn as part of a team.  Ms. Timmel became involved with Ryan and his family in February of 2009.  Ms. Timmel met with Ryan and his parents following the evaluation by Dr. Seligsohn.  Ms. Timmel did not conduct any testing of Ryan.  She did, however, review Dr. Castelo and Dr. Seligsohn’s reports.  Ms. Timmel did not speak with any of the Medford staff and she did not observe Ryan at school.  She did participate, via telephone, in the two TEAM meetings that were held in February and March, 2010.  

Ms. Timmel testified that she agreed with Dr. Seligsohn’s findings and recommendations  and further testified that the Landmark School would be

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